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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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holy shit wghats this






now the cat propably died 4 real



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holy fuck yli /int/ used to be active
also spot radan



not october 2013 and later cant browse


is this neobronnen or bronnen classic?
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circleboard III


its bonnen




It's bronnen 1.0


just wait until i figure out how php works
see whos laughing then


decent people dont drive jeeps


y not


it just be that way


if you see a 1999 dodge minivan with more rust than metal and half the windows missing
you know theres some quality people inside


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mintboard is the cool place to hang out. You can find most of the cool people there. In mintboard you can just chill and do whatever and totally relax. "Take it easy" is the mintboard motto, for example, that's how laid back it is there. Show up if you want to have a good time. Another good reason to show up is if you want to hang out with friends.





Mintboard is an anti-4chan, anti-8ch, anti-Krautchan, anti-reddit, anti-bronnen cyber nomadic caravan. Every year they delete their dead website and start a new one.
They satirize and mock imageboards, youtube celebrities, video games, drugs, and their respective "cultures". All strains of nationalism and online activism (self-serving posturing to develop celebrity and career) are also ridiculed. Most of all thought they make fun of themselves.
The board is racially and neurologically diverse.
the board does not ban women, in fact two actual mothers are counted among the community and interact fluently with the users. The women mentioned in the OP were banned after years of posting, not because of their gender, but because of their behavior. One of them is widely believed to be a man posing as a woman while the other spammed the board a number of times after erping with several members on skype
The story of Ben and Iordan in the OP is mostly true. It should be noted that Shirley Ramon, a Honduran American, believes he is the spiritual and corporeal successor of Thomas Sankara. Despite his mental fragility his testimony was found to be accurate.
Board icons include Samir 34, Elon Musk, Albert Einstein, Rick and Morty, Samuel Hyde, David Duke, Sonic the hedgehog, Lil uzi vert, Solomon Cohen, and various members of the forqan group.

The spam ITT was the work of an actual schizophrenic with a grudge against a rehabilitated former klan member (roy carter) but we don't ban people for such superficial diagnoses.

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