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my bitch
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My ideal bf would be tubed too
Slightly autistic, maybe a lisp, but social graces
Those quiet people who don’t bring much to the table in language but do in vibes
Rich upbringing
Soft, not needy, but heavenly in a their subtle gentleness
And overlooked because they are somewhat plain, but cute in their own way

Rated: 9/10

Exactitude in small matters is the essence of discipline.


Maybe even a little detached but leadable

Rated: 1.5/10

It's later than you think.


I wanna hold his hand and push him out of his comfort zone

Rated: 6.5/10

One picture is worth more than ten thousand words. -- Chinese proverb




Say dumb shit get yolo’ed

Rated: 4.5/10

I've had fun before. This isn't it.


Nantes u have had a tiny fucking sip of the gort get over it man

Rated: 6.5/10

XML is just data with that Internet shit wrapped around it.
― Joe Romello, by way of Steve Sapovits


I’m so fucking sorry

Rated: 0/10

Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place.
Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are―by
definition―not smart enough to debug it.
― Brian Kernighan


It’s wasted
I get it

Rated: 0.5/10

Above all else -- sky.


File: 1634182073438.mp4 (840.14 KB, 480x480, love the lights.mp4) ImgOps Google iqdb


I’m Claire.

Rated: 10/10

"Anchovies? You've got the wrong man! I spell my name DANGER! (click)"


accept your flaws but don't give in to them


Does guilt not mean anything

Rated: 0/10

If at first you don't succeed, redefine success.


Action does. I will bone myself until I fucking learn

Rated: 6.5/10

Do, or do not; there is no try.


Let’s talk about something else

Rated: 5.5/10

It's not hard to meet expenses; they're everywhere.


sure, how is your evening going?


File: 1634181444824.jpeg (44.14 KB, 720x388, 8FAFEE8B-D6EA-43C7-B6EA-A….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

I keep thinking about this boy who asked me for snap
The other night too I decided to approach some black boy on a bench smoking weed on his break
He turned out to be gay too and I boned decently well with him hence
“ur tube game is on point”

I’m just realizing the tubed ness is my lack of anything to bring relationships from that initial glowy nice stuff to like
Something with depth and attachment and solidity
I just paint quick watercolors of a nice guy but people see I’m full of holes pretty soon after

And it makes me feel lonely and desolate about my future
My ex cancelled plans to see me
So I’m just like damn
I’m alone af

Rated: 7.5/10

It's all in the mind, ya know.


we're here for you sweetie


I understand people have lines that they just do not allow others to cross
And me standing having stepped over on the same side ashy u say
No u belong there on that side
But I want to be good
I desperately want to be good
I’m just sick

Rated: 3/10

"What is the robbing of a bank compared to the FOUNDING of a bank?"
― Bertold Brecht


I don’t expect sympathy

Rated: 9/10

It's like deja vu all over again.
― Yogi Berra


so glad my imprisonment in /bitch/ is ending soon


Your on ur own now
Distract them.

Rated: 8.5/10

A man with one watch knows what time it is.

A man with two watches is never quite sure.


My life was attempted at least twice last week and I’m kind of regretting out maneuvering death

Rated: 1/10

People usually get what's coming to them ... unless it's been mailed.


I’m the worst.

Rated: 5.5/10

C++ : Where friends have access to your private members.
― Gavin Russell Baker


I’m mercury poisoned. I think a lot of the pain and suffering in my life was warranted.
But this time I think it’s just a little too much.

Rated: 5/10

Use free-form input where possible.

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