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my bitch
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I know u will all take only one thing away and that’s “damn that guy is fucking disgusting” but being toyed with as a kid rly Maccabees ur shit and at least I’m fighting to be honest about it and not continue the cycle of hurt

Rated: 2/10

We were spanking each other with meat and then suddenly it got weird.
― Joe Hacket


Otherwise, hate away
It helps

Rated: 4.5/10

The world looks as if it has been left in the custody of trolls.
― Father Robert F. Capon


like i said before you’re inconsequential at this point


Ur a disgusting criminal with no shame, fry in an electric chair


Like seriously that dirty carpet thread
The threats
All of it
Ur a fucking disease

Whenever u open ur mouth about politics or people it’s all fried fucking bullshit
Get a clue, then a soul

Rated: 3.5/10

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