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my bitch
Password (For file deletion.)

WE defeated you.


If GET the tubed one must be bullied into narrating a chapter out of a book of my choosing.



Narrate this book for me tube.


Do his bidding, tubeyslave. He owns you.


TT1 is public property


W.G. is Diadema's property


Actually he’s a commodity freely exchangable between whoever needs access to it.


The homo sacer could thus also simply mean a person expunged from society and deprived of all rights and all functions in civil religion. Homo sacer is defined in legal terms as someone who can be killed without the killer being regarded as a murderer; and a person who cannot be sacrificed.[5] The sacred human may thus be understood as someone outside the law, or beyond it. With respect to certain monarchs, in certain western legal traditions, the concepts of the sovereign and of the homo sacer have been conflated.[6]


This useless tube better get onto it soon.


Get to work Billy

Largely because it is so tangible and exciting a program and as such will
serve to keep alive the interest and enthusiasm of the whole spectrum of
society...It is justified because...the program can give a sense of shared
adventure and achievement to the society at large.
― Dr. Colin S. Pittendrigh, in "The History of Manned Space Flight"


he got quads
get to it mr William Fitzgerald Grant of Waltham MA
or else


Still waiting…


Status on this?


The tube hasn't even begun…


im busy with another job sorry

Rated: 3.5/10


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