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WE defeated you.

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1. William Grant is depriving himself of the true essence of Gort by seeking cracked versions of CP GFioNder in languages other than Russian.
2. Father Igor and Bones believe that they hold the key to unlocking the full potential of Gort and William Grant is not worthy of this knowledge.
3. They view William Grant as a pathetic and unworthy vessel for the power of Gort.
4. Father Igor and Bones see Arumba07 as the cause of suffering and all Tyronular apparitions, and believe that William Grant is guilty for not committing Gort acts at kindergarten.
5. William Grant's innocence makes him an easy target for the torments of Gort.
6. Father Igor sees himself as a caretaker of William Grant, but now feels that he must make him suffer for his own benefit.
7. The tube system, which is a symbol of the power of Gort, will be William Grant's eternal prison, and he will suffer constantly.
8. Father Igor and Bones believe that Arumba07 is a retarded and pathetic progenitor of all suffering, which makes William Grant guilty by association.
9. The imagery and language of blood, rape, and bones are seen by Father Igor and Bones as a way of asserting their power over William Grant and the powerlessness of their victim.
10. The suffering of William Grant is seen as a necessary sacrifice that will unlock the full potential of Gort.


Dad I’m seriously thinking this one needs to be fed to our pet

Rated: 4.5/10


I will write a full page apology for sparing him

Rated: 6/10


I don’t wanna argue with him, I wanna watch him die

Rated: 4/10


You can kill mint Moscow quickly idc about torture
Just make it expedient and efficient

Rated: 3.5/10

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