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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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how did you sleep?_?
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whatever kid, i'm not going to read all of that (or bother to refute it, for that matter)

if you don't want to acknowledge that corona is extremely dangerous for the elderly (as evidenced by EXCESS mortality regardless of the cause), then ur stuck in the schizo fake news bosnian professor loop and im not going to get you out of it


well… then i'm not going to read THIS post! so there!






Posting from proxies and threatening myself so I can feel like someone actually cares about me and the people outside my house are real


How’s radan and his mom doing Billy?


I kicked myself out of the group chat cause I broke a promise about posting on mintboard


Sure, Jan,


William Grant,

We make you pregnant.

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So lay it on me
Was there a gort visition in the wee hours of the morning while I slept
I left my gort bag open :/


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in the wee small hours of the morning

when the whole wide world is fast asleep

you lie awake and think about the tubers

and never ever think of counting sheep


I think the tubers take the weekdays off
It’s just the implicit threat that tortures me
They don’t even need to be there


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my problem with leftists is that they tend to think that they live in an idealized world where no one gets offended or no one suffers from hunger or poverty, no one is discriminated, etc

but that's not how humanity and the world works, there will always be poverty, hunger, discrimination, etc because that's how nature works

it's fucking natural selection, it's darwinism.
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nose realist ?





No, i can't
The tubing proccess is not yet complete


Good post

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Detta är vad ingen fitta gör med en mammaknullare




good video

A lot of people I know believe in positive thinking, and so do I. I
believe everything positively stinks.
― Lew Col


imagine kicking back on ben's porch, ben hands you one of his hand rolled blunts, you light it up as you gaze at the majesty of the canadian outdoors

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Left serb native
Right legendary Shqip autocthonous figures
Makes sense


Left is Ancient Greece Autochthon (You)


Im albanian


30 y/o virgin but not incel


not me.



30 y/o virgin and incel

File: 1614098413367.png (1.04 MB, 918x908, soy3.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb


the future
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xword: noooo how dare you mention that male moroccan (((youths))) are statistically 6 times more likely to have a criminal record than male autochthonous youths you can't say that


considering the explosion over the last 20 years i'd say it's that bad. Look at media from the late 90s, unless it was niche, it was almost entirely white. This goes for all of the West: we have seen a racial and cultural change that has deformed the west irreparably.

if this continues, which it will, immigrants and the worst of all, racemixed, will make up 50% in a few decades


yeah, you're right, it's actually very concerning in the long term – and there's very little we can do about it, aside from le ethnic cleansing (not going to happen) having 2+ white babies per white woman (not going to happen)

but by the time 50% of youths are pocs, i will be on my deathbed, and I don't plan on having children. So in that sense, it's not my problem


why does xword insist on importing pocs? are poc countries bad or something?


because of the Clintons and Madeleine Albright

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