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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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cozy settis


Does bones work as a janitor in anus' facility now


wearing a tinfoil hat to protect yourself against invisible mindcontrol waves: crazy conspiracy theorist
wearing a corona muzzle to protect yourself against an invisible virus: totally sane person


makes you ponder


smolinski had a hair transplant and now his face is swollen


who the hell are you people


i want to see it

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how ironic is it that coronacaust deniers are dismissed as "liberals" (in the european sense) by people who think it's "murder" to exhale respiratory viruses into the public air
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i know that, but there does exist a small minority of this personality type in the english-language racismsphere as well





um… ever heard of EdgeMaster?


brainwaves synchronized


I could hear nigger footsteps 30 minutes ago
Did u secure the bag


but boy do i hate niggers


you… you me


I was watching mad psycho 100 and the protagonist is incel just like me
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how much did you pay for your hair transplant



it’s ok brother….. we don’t judge


it’s ok brother….. we don’t judge


fuck America


I really need to find a portable generator soon because my father is going to die soon his feet are literally blue all time now and he keeps guzzling soda and eating chips while watching movies even though he's morbidly obese he won't fucking stop and fast. I also don't know how the fuck I'm going to deal with all the shit in this house when he dies, I have to find someone that can help sell all the original paintings and other crap that's worth tons of money in here, and maybe rent a huge bin to throw all the other shit into until I have the house clear and have enough money then to do repairs (there's windows in this house that if you just push on it a little they'll fall sideways, because everything is so rotten around them) and start renting out the manor so I can pay the damned property taxes if I inherit this place. That's assuming I do get the house. If not I need to be ready to build a shack somewhere I won't be bothered and I need the generator for electricity.
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Allimony is what pushed arumba over the edge


ever heard of a guy called Arumba? Tis a tragic tale, on par with anything the greeks wrote


try to redpill your dad about eating right instead of making plans for his death


No I have not heard. Do tell me of this Arumba?


I've been trying to do that with my parents for my whole life they have never listened and I continue to try and they still do not listen.

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Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.


so you wanna be a tuber…

The superfluous is very necessary. -- Voltaire


already am thanks for asking


sure np

America, how can I write a holy litany in your silly mood?
― Allen Ginsberg



We are a tubed-owned shop.
Tubed for tubers. Gort materials and cheap magnetrons for 20% off, only if you use the offer code "mintbort" with the link in the description below

Never count your chickens until they rip your lips off.

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