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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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sad little egg


Why do u insult the same way a Stacy does


You share many characteristics with women, come to think of it


You know when you have a nice coom and you sit back and think nothig in this world can top this so i shpuld just kill myself becaise its all down from here

Not joking




No joke


gamers rise up!


It's over


it never began



Solomon Carter is a cancer,
Ed Smarter is the answer.


No cure for cancer
But people send cars in space


still no cure for aids
still no cure for cancer
still no cure for the common flu
still no bases on the moon
still no way to deflect mass extinction-triggering comets and asteroids
still no dyson swarms
still no way to harness the energy of an erupting mega volcano
still no humans on Mars
our planet is quite literally third world (a fucking joke)
humans are the niggers of the universe.



> our planet is quite literally third world (a fucking joke)
quote literally the most based thing on that list



File: 1593806150336.gif (1.63 MB, 256x348, trve.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


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who this

Rated: 9.5/10

It is difficult to produce a television documentary that is both
incisive and probing when every twelve minutes one is interrupted by
twelve dancing rabbits singing about toilet paper.
― Rod Serling


Orwell is a village in Ashtabula County, Ohio, United States. The population was 1,660 at the 2010 census.

Rated: 5/10

Youth is wasted on the young.
― George Bernard Shaw



Rated: 8.5/10

You are so boring that when I see you my feet go to sleep.


It was Ashtabula tire


bro… i'm just visiting from PA

ohio is p comfy


dough e. cheese refugee




Niccolo Macchiaveli's advice to Nice Guys


i've seen that video


fortune favours the bald


I literally lol'd



glad i could put a smile on your face :)

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got called an anti-semite today

when will this harassment end

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
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estiiball is of nordic



thin hair is close




Kill yourself i beg


add me on valorant
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why hate on games you haven't even tried

where does all this anger come from


not fighting game made before 2005 cant play :DDDDDDDD



Add me on bloody roar primal fury


File: 1593803621582.mp3 (25.85 KB, 150x200, check your mail.mp3)

Rated: 3.5/10

Certain old men prefer to rise at dawn, taking a cold bath and a long walk
with an empty stomach and otherwise mortifying the flesh. They then point
with pride to these practices as the cause of their sturdy health and ripe
years; the truth being that they are hearty and old, not because of their
habits, but in spite of them. The reason we find only robust persons doing
this thing is that it has killed all the others who have tried it.
― Ambrose Bierce, "The Devil's Dictionary"

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