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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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there must be some sort of relation


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2 week notice served
time to neetmaxx


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Rated: 8/10

The meek will inherit the Earth..... The rest of us will go to the stars.


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me the record spilled cum


she's beautiful!

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afhverju viltu ekki reyna meira

ég spyr mig að því hvern einasta dag

ég vil bara fá skýrt svar

afhverju viltu ekki reyna meira

þú verður að segja mér það




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I am from Järnbrott.




as i was leaving class today i was walking with a group of people (whom i've been trying to befriend) and the girls were talking loudly to each other before one of them lowered their voice and said to the other "see you tonight" and then she returned to her normal speaking voice and bid me and the rest adieu

she didn't want me to overhear that they were having a get-together tonight so she hoped i wouldn't hear




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She loves the beach :DDD


fakecel chad where have u been the entire week


have you told them about lola yet


trying to have a life (and failing)


what is spscarters endgame




eating all the pizza


replacing the farmer

Rated: 8/10

I can't complain, but sometimes I still do.
― Joe Walsh


raising the local house insurance rates

with no survivors


endgame? his endgame is not to reach the endgame


We the playstation nation do represent well simple as that. Sony hasn't changed they have been about gamers and games

Other companies do well than struggle Sony has kept at it because they understand AAA must have exclusives sell consoles. Without showing anything, without talking a lot Ps5 news has dominated and we don't know that much about it.


we the northern brothers

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