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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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The Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris | Jan. 20th, 2021
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google still says trump and pence are in office


Who has the nuclear briefcase


something is about to happen


i'm f5'ing google and it alternates between trump and biden


”In presidential transitions, the president-elect does not receive the actual nuclear code card until after the nuclear briefing, when normally "he meets with the outgoing president at the White House just before the actual inauguration ceremony. The code card is activated electronically right after the president-elect takes the oath at noon"“
Drumpf is still the defacto presidente

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have poltards killed themselves?


have you

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how's painting coming along?_?


is it thick enough to drive on


not yet


average yuropoor = knows the intricacies of the ameri political system, the names of all presidential candidates, the voting history of all states, the names and affiliations of all governors and senators

average ameri = thinks europe is one country
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Yeah I dont vote either
There's nothing each gov't does differently than the previous one even a tiny bit


too true, that's why I don't vote


extreme right Trump gets replaced by communist joe biden

and they appoint a bunch of harvard jews to all positions, sucks off AIPAC and donates trillions to israel

business as usual


communist joe biden




Bijzonder goed essay: heldere lijn die goed wordt vastgehouden, origineel denkwerk, doeltreffend en verzorgd taalgebruik. Echt prima.


18f - Ontario Canada - Sub looking for a 1950s TPE dynamic with a sadistic man
I’ve recently turned 18 and I’ve been trying to find the right person to have a long-term (hopefully permanent) TPE / 1950s relationship with. I have posted before but never had any success, so here it goes again. I will try to add as much detail as possible so if you want to know what kind of persona I am please read it all :)

Ideal Vanilla Life / Dynamic

Personality wise, I’m truly submissive in the general sense of the word. In my day to day life, I am very indecisive, afraid to commit and make choices, and so the type of relationship that would suit me best is one where I am told exactly what to do, all the time (24/7). This would include telling me how to diet, what to wear, who I can and can’t talk to, etc. I am okay with giving up my social media, giving you all of my passwords and letting you be in complete control (if we’re a compatible match).

I only have a HS diploma and so i’m not really that educated. Therefore I would ideally be able to stay at your home without really contributing financially.. unless you wanted me to work ofc. I have been cooking and baking a lot lately and to compensate for not contributing financially, I would be sure to make your breakfasts, lunches and dinners, clean for you & make your home a very comfortable and pleasant environment.

Ideal Sexual Dynamic

I’m also very submissive in bed and love to please. For me that means that I don’t decide what goes on in the bedroom and have no say in when it goes on. I’m basically a free-use doll, for your sexual pleasures. If you want me to be your urinal then so be it, if you want me to be your punching bag, i’m more than happy to be that. What makes me happiest is making you happy and making you satisfied.

If you were kind enough to decide i’m deserving of voicing / listing my kinks, I would first thank you and then tell you that I’m obsessed with:
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fuck biden


fuck kabama


kabbalah haaretz


Can't believe ameris are okay with being ruled by jews





job. now manchild.


italy is dying because too many young males are manchildren

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