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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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royjack thread died


nantes redpill me

how is french society today

are museums and restaurants open etc?
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Much like ur mom theyre wide open



most don't anymore but you need a mask to enter in some places

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent
revolution inevitable.
― John F. Kennedy


Why do you wear the mask






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I would defend the liberty of concenting adult creationists to practice
whatever intellectual perversions they like in the privacy of their own
homes; but it is also necessary to protect the young and innocent.
― Arthur C. Clarke


Zion Man Carter


xword: my favourite actors would have to be keanu reeves and bill murray


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Me favorites: Gary old man, Kurt Russell, Ben Kingsley :DDDD

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Really wish i didnt send all my shit to new house, im terminally bored and fucking cold

File: 1593536514146.png (269.72 KB, 480x360, 1461589872-glifberg.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


vastra type of mf to pick rune glifberg in thps


i had thps3 on gameboy advance


i had robot wars on gba too


Sergent bash was a type of yoke at one point


Anyone got their tubes tied while under 30 while living in Europe?
Hey everyone, Currently I reside in the Netherlands (after having previously lived in Germany) and I am 26 (F). I am very interested in getting my tubes tied as I'm sure I never ever ever want kids. I don't want to babysit, I don't like them yadayadayada. I have known since I was 12, so that's like 14 years now. The fact that I'm fertile sometimes causes me stress. I take the pill, but I'm not a huge fan considering the toll it can take on your health.

Finding a doctor that wants to tie my tubes has proven to be impossible mostly because of my age (you usually need to be around 30 before they even consider performing the surgery). I also consulted the doctor list on r/childfree and yeah… Same thing basically.

Is there anyone that has gotten their tubes tied while living in this part of Europe while being under 30? Do you have any doctors you can recommend. I have gotten slightly discouraged, but I know that if the pill fails me I will most definetly get an abortion if I get pregnant and I REALLY want to avoid that if I can.

Much love.


based german whore trying to get netherlands to pay for an invasive surgery instead of getting an IUD

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when are they going to privatise healthcare in Europe?



Unironically ye


There’s nothing I can do for you, My tubes are tied

Rated: 9.5/10


Mk801 long term tubing

Rated: 8.5/10

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someone tried to login in my fb account

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We warned you.


always make sure your password contains both lower and upper case letters, at least one number, and "nigger"


i have never made a password that didn't contain the word nigger






Left my vape unprotected chargin while I slept
Morning milkies were strong and ungort

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