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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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in flames re record of clayman album is pure soy



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thoughts on my lost media thread?


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Me this


need for weed


File: 1601236309493.jpg (306.71 KB, 850x1280, georgina-gee-4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Need ass not weed :DDD


i don't even care about no nutting any more

i just want that sweeeet albanian skunk


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Drink raw eggs you get your nut back that way :DDD


There was a guy with high quality weed at the protest today in Victoria park. No /pol/acks came out although there was one guy I talked to about Adolf Hitler and the holocaust who knows the holohoax is not real but I didn't bother to ask him if he's a /pol/ anon because he's married to an Asian (looks Filipino) and has a mutt child. Probably an Asian-White hypocritical racemixing pseudo-"white nationalist".


So he posts on 8chan

Rated: 0/10

Grelb's Reminder: Eighty percent of all people consider themselves to be above
average drivers.


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Gonna kill you Burgerking, this is a real threat.
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Doesn't alec have a skandermatic


Lola watching dancing hippo loop:'…'
Lola watching bestgore video: 'nyu'


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Hey Joonas

/bone/ is BurgerKing's personal army


Might be "real" but it's not credible unless you have the means to actually find him in person.


At this moment, the lawyer related that, in one of the pictures, she was "with a finger in her little mouth". He also judged that her poses in those pictures were "gynecological", as if it was any justification for the act. Following that, he also questioned, without any tact: "Why did you delete those pictures and only left the ones were you are making a crying face as if you were a saint? The only thing that was missing was a halo over your head". He also added, without being interrupted by the judge, the she was "a liar, a liar".
When answering, shaken, Mariana pointed out: "A very pretty picture you said sir, right, verbally abusing me, you're old enough to be my dad, you sir have to stick to the facts". However, the lawyer did more groundless accusations. "Thank god I don't have a daughter like you, and I also ask God that my son never meet a woman like you".


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some nigra is selling xir zogulust rift 2 for a little below 300 yuros
should i?
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rift s not 2*


All games are gay and not as good as they look in your head. I have one myself and it's just collecting dust.

If I watched porn, I would probably use it more often.


mandatory facebook account


When is VR going to not be shit? Right now I am not interested in it but I haven't really checked out how things have progressed there for a long time now. Maybe with the new 3090 graphics cards doing actually good VR will be possible?

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I really don't want to live in this world any more
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dunno who that is son


>any third party
there can only be one third party, then there's the fourth party, the fifth party, the sixth party… etc


What about the sex party.


there's a party in my pants and your invited


That second pic is retarded. Donald Trump is nowhere near far-right. Duterte and Adolf and Monarchs in United Arab Emirates are more like good examples of far-right.

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That's weird….. I have 47 followers on mintboard, but 2 viewers on twitch.
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if 5 minties join and follow i will say thje N word


damn adam you have absolutely zero principles


says you nazi




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