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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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vastra requested bar pics




very classy ty


was kind of hoping it'd be more dive barey


its in a nice part of town


Ryan thread


think you try to shake ronen ulanovsky hand and the skin flakes start falling off & you can see the scales underneath
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nice one thatll make it in my reaction images folder immediately


np just np


accidentally did that to one of my aunts when i was 16


We get it you miss IDF admin

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Estrogen and fat
I've been looking at chubby trans girls lately. Something that sticks out are their bitch tits. They don't grow with them being on HRT+fat. All of them have the same sized breasts as a fat man would have. Shouldn't the estrogen increase the breast volume as with skinny trans girls?
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who are you schizo




i think they grow on fat trannies too, but its not noticeable because of the amount of fat they already have

like muscle gains on large muscles


Ur bagina


is vastra the board historian or what


Resident Incel


that honor goes to Svante


is he the archive swede or did he stop archiving after bronnen implemented that gay shit where you have to log in


Argentina deaths per million from covid: 2500
Brazil deaths per million from covid: 2800

makes you think…
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Market Never Closes Motherfucker.


quick someone light a menorah


>you and what above federal minimum wage job?
Roy: Above minimum wage? Sign me up right now!


Roy's dream is to make above minumum wage one of these days


that's his second biggest dream, after catching a shiny bidoof


Squid Game !!
Squid Game !!
Squid Game !!
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on second thought this is all americulture and doesn't matter on the france


redpill me on whats going on in the france


Uyghurs really be playing Squid Game?


let's just say lola and claire's spirit had to keep living on in a geographical region


that region? Reykjavik.


@rosario anon

did you say you played pathfinder kingmaker


thinking of using a level on all my melee chars to spec in vivisectionist, which grants you a mutagen that gvies you 4+ in strength, dexterity, or intelligence which is really strong

but at the same time it kind of breaks the game from an roleplaying point of view


It's garbage
dropped it at the last dungeon

God is playing a comic to an audience that's afraid to laugh.



kingdom management was bad
I just don't like 3E/5E's illusion of choice where metafagging is the only way to play
feats bloat where many are either broken or just useless

You know why there are so few sophisticated computer terrorists in the United
States? Because your hackers have so much mobility into the establishment.
Here, there is no such mobility. If you have the slightest bit of
intellectual integrity you cannot support the government.... That's why the
best computer minds belong to the opposition.
― an anonymous member of the outlawed Polish trade union, Solidarity


@Rosario anon

go to staffas . org if u want a better board


Thanks I will




File: 1634693622648.jpg (208.75 KB, 1280x848, abu-ghraib.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Man who falls in blast furnace is certain to feel overwrought.


Alec is unironically involved

He is connected and beyond the typical level of depravity found on imageboards


im incel


staying at a hostel for the next week
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i already left (after 5 beers)


what will you do now

where will you move after motel


take pix of bar next time you're there


ill cross that bridge when i get to it
ok (its neat)


Take a 1way ticket to Piteå

Youll be good

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