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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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i was looking through the notes I wrote on the plane back home from italy in the middle of august last year

in it I lamented how, while the food and scenery in Italy was astounding, I spent all of it alone, never having a meaningful interaction. I then concluded on an optimistic note, that the autumn semester would be different. Oh, my sweet summer child, if you only knew that your university experience would be coloured by anger, bitterness, frustration, loneliness, and sadness, rather than the expected onviviality, romance, belonging, and joy. If you only knew that you'd find yourself in May with no good memories.


Vastra thread.

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InHaLE HuNdreds OF POdS aND not FEaRING a NYThInG,,,,,,,,,,
0,000001488 nanograMSOf METhyLmerCury And aLrEADy suiCidal LiTTlE TuBe BegGing For MERCy,,,,,,,,,,,
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roy's a good guy






More intangibles
Only proves my point that it’s personal over anything else


Explain CSIS. Explain gangs. Both have a history of organized stalking of targets.


Oh nice kick a man when he’s down
Ur always down, jimmy


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Southern Ontario is a big fat mass


busting up anti lockdown orgs must be the highest priority of the police

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.


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Pretty much. Meanwhile they doing nothing about all the discharges of firearms in Kitchener, the constant muggings, the constant open use of meth that the addicts don't even try to conceal, and the constant thieving.


the fundamental paradox of relationships is that while individuals who are sad or depressed need them the most, only happy people are able to enter relationships because no-one wants to be around depressed people

actually that's not entirely true, i've read about girls saying stuff like "my boyfriend is suicidal atm >.<" so it can't be depression or sadness itself that prohibits certain people from entering relationships

perhaps it is particular types of sadness or depression that repel women, or perhaps when the sadness is a direct result of a quality that women find unappealing, such as being a loser, lonely, or just plain ugly (and all of the baggage that comes with it - isolation, self-loathing, etc). Whereas depression brought on by weltschmertz or fashionable forms of depression brought on by not real diagnosis like bipolar etc, is more socially acceptable
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u = me


dont undersell yourself like that you are good at writing you could put together something nice if you get inspired by your inceldom

Rated: 7/10


i'm complete shit at writing, everything i've tried writing has been garbage


link me something. now.

Rated: 3.5/10


You are very redpilled.


i have never cooked for anyone

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Vax scheduled for Thursday afternoon ☺
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i've put liquid racism in the midwestern vaccine supply


huh… would have thought an old geezer like you would have been priority months ago!! best of luck


Based degenerates are offing themselves for us. Finally euthanasia is the latest trend.


That explains why I've seen increased racism from vaccine-takers lately.


not gonna take no fucking vaccine fack off nigger


2021 version of that 7/11 in 1987 video

Sorry Nantes
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Java? is it in africa?


java is in southeast asia u dumb a*s


teaching african refugees to program javascript


can u show me Niger?)
they dont have computers)

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Do you have noticable cheeks?


i'm lonely and depressed


kidnap your tinder dates and film yourself while you take their organs out

Rated: 8/10

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