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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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Those who have found the power are called bonular pilgrims.




i don't understand how i'm losing more hair after having been on finasteride for almost 4 months
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christoffer dulny


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god willed you to be bald


Finasteride israeln't?

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DISLIKE this videosss shittiest video we hate it f*ck this noob


Disliked. Fuck Serbia.


Serbs are niggers, therefore I hate niggers

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how come he always looks like hes gotta shit


TIL SPS is fat

JK, I have known about that for years


SPS is gay and retarded


water is wet


The Mintboard Chronicles: Edgemaster dunks on Solomon Paul Carter (part 432 of 7800)


Solomon Paul Carter gets BTFO by a traffic cone [Watch in HD]


bronnen ministry of the interior
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Well it's not like it's a horde of them
One random guy passing by every so many months


most of them don't stay for longer than a day


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I could gatekeep but at the same time just not replying and letting them shouting in the abyss without being counted as a human is just as much of a punishment
My 2 cents


telling people to go back to krautchan is a community effort
it feels good to have your bros next to you sending an immigrant back together
eh just having fun with your friends and relaxing……


File: 1617643606874.png (1.96 MB, 1600x1067, the bricking of william.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


on the sventh gate of williams triangular asshole satan said "we were getting along fine and now this is happening" to which springfeel said "8 8 8, 8 inches".

THis was rather surprising since william hadnt fucked a 15 year old in a couple of years……

But satan thought otherwise, william grant was indeed, fucking 15 year olds in his mind, daily.

When jesus told william to "allow him to enter him" william said no.

All jesus wanted to do was to fuck him in his triangular asshole in exchange for salvation.

But william being a retarded faggot that he is, he didnt accept this. His reasoning was along the lines WAA WAAAAA WAAAA WAAA THATS GAY WAAAA WAAAA I HAVE HEMERROIDS WAA WAA as if being a fag is worse than being a pedophile…..

remember, it only requires a single brick, nerve toxin, unlit match, bullet, pipebomb in ur mailbox for you to go where you ought to be.

Williams research in the anti arumbic aberrations came out with nought. Even with the psycic powers of Smiley helping him, he couldnt figure out how to build such archaetechnology from scratch. Little did he know, his pods were tainted….
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>The speech prompted the envoys from twelve NATO nations and Israel to leave the room.[5]




good speech


yeah yeah tell it to the court buddy, you're going away for a LONG time


welcome to bamberg city


ty !!!


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power of kazakhstan…


personality lengthening surgery


where to get


no, vällingby, long covid is not a personality.


is being savolaxid a personality? because he's got that in spades

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