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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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Disrespecting EDGEMASTER? Apologize. Now grand kowtow.
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you pretend you have money to pay for sex and then dont pay after you fuck the whore


the classic whore ownage



If that is the case you should know driving to a public beach doesn't equate with paying to swim (and for a limited amount of time!)


It's like rationalizing breathing as an extension of one's living expenses


my time is expensive bby
the least time i spend with whores(being paid whores or not) the better
unpaid whores love to waste my time on bs


Smashmouth's "All Star" playing in the background of every Alec thread indefinitely as a punishment for his norwood shaming




In a video published on Twitter to answer questions about the rule changes, the prime minister addressed the question: Can I meet family and friends indoors if they are vaccinated?
"I'm afraid the answer is no, because we're not yet at that stage," he said.
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The New Normal
"social distancing" is a virtue
nose and mouth are considered private parts


people be like: no i don't see how never seeing strangers faces could impact society in the long run


can you believe people used to just walk around in public with their mouths and noses fully visible? disgusting…


need to wear a burqa to keep the virus at bay


File: 1618094032522.mov (543.57 KB, trim.E2808037-6EAD-4E84-9E….MOV)


one mintular fucking night we laughed our asses off at a britton asking random omegle whores and cunts "what do you think about the niggers".
90% of the reply was skip, but sometimes he said AH MAY ZEN…
so i ask of all non existent minty britbongs(not a single britpedo browses this shit website btw so this cant be considered as nuclear terrorirsm) to shit inside the mailbox of you neighbor while playing any TJ related songs, be it GTA or actual TJ(tire jerkin) related

i got no idea what i wanted to say, but i just want to say that we never bullied Genki enough. Like fucking hell we bullied genki into quitting the game for weeks. But regardless of how much ddos we accused him of he never fucking left. Then there was that fucking doomblade faggot who wrote TTT fanfiction and made worse handmade art than chris chan.

it all ended when that Jew with small testicles took over the server, oh you know who im talking about.
But hey, atleast we witnessed one of the oldest of oldfag people in the server, shoot himself in the head with a shotgun because of heroin debts. Oh and his family didnt contact him fro two weeks so his two week old corpse was recovered and his computer was still running planetside 2.
james williams killed his own parents because he couldnt buy vip on some shitty fucking server.
We all remember this.
If you arent a host of some fucking website, an alcoholic, a slavic fuck who vomits after drinlking 4 shots of jäger, doing meth intra-anally i have no idea who you are.

But i wish to god that fucking god will kill the entire bloodline of that one retard pedo on thois forum, im sorry his name escapes me currently, i hit a tab right before writing this, i have no idea what i am saying.
I am not associated with anything ijust said, i have noidea how ifound myself on this website, it mustve been a third party.
But what i know, is that william grant should be murdered in his own apartment through suicide.
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File: 1618091856982.mov (543.57 KB, trim.80F3BF8C-83CA-4169-95….MOV)

Billy your bad


OK maybe I am
In fact I will give you that
But is every single person here also schizophrenic
Every single one
except the person who bragged about doing what he did in the past and now calls other people 'repugnant incel demons ' or whatever
You shouldn't live in facility but in prison


Two errant mistakes to my youth which were still legal given the contexts in which they were committed
And which I am reluctant to admit to not because it reveals some deeper truth or pattern because if I give u a half a centimeter you take it an let ur imagination run wild and build all these conspiracies in ur head about me

In ur worldview people don’t make mistakes single instances of behavior align someone with some permanent lifestyle and mindset and demographic in not trying to dodge the truth I’m trying to avoid giving u any platform from which to spew ur paranoid schizophrenia


stfu kid


stfu kid



I would not dare to so dishonor my Creator God by attaching His name to
that book [the Bible].
― Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason, Part 1, Section 5



File: 1618093593947.png (145.56 KB, 1120x1275, zCy4T.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

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Over for fucking me

File: 1618093278667.png (139.54 KB, 442x407, ladies of reddit.png) ImgOps Google iqdb



im plus-size gamer

File: 1618082432922.jpg (349.57 KB, 954x1024, pope_and_spurdo_invasion.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


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because mexico best country


why dont you live there then?


hes a simple, generous man; best is for others, not for him…


Not great not terrible


looks good


william grant: noooooo im not a pedophile no way
william grant: ok MAYBE im a pedophile but i would never act out on it
william grant: *studies CHILD psychology*

really makes u think


Last thing he said is yes I lust after children but the dmsv5 something (jewish) commitee approves that kind of behavior


File: 1618091246625.mov (543.57 KB, trim.D072BCCA-0133-4B3F-81….MOV)

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File: 1618091168217.mov (543.57 KB, trim.736811F7-3966-40D4-91….MOV)

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