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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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Small is beautiful.

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How come all South American candy has this flavor


Banana is cheap there
So banana paste is a cheap af material


There's an n-word in the woodpile.


i prefer the dead n-word pile


Firing up the browser, the schizophrenia increasing


Imagine every time you fired up your browser, diesel fumes came out of the back of your PC or mobile device


Krautchan Caste System


If you went back in time to fuck your grandma then would you grow up knowing you were your own grandfather and your father's father and also your own grandson but not son or would you not remember technically


One time I fell asleep with a clock next to my balls and had my sperm travel back in time to inseminate my grandmother.

I've been a bad father to myself, I wasn't there.


truly clock and balls torture


I wood like to stick my white dick into your brown aas

File: 1600408238446.png (138.98 KB, 426x276, 1600238671138.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Humor thread


I love anime haha catgirls xd


Yep Invest in Tesla, the hip youth company


King wholesome big chungus macvoy based keanu reeves chad mitada Guilherme briggs Ricardo ohara redblueblackpilled incel mgtow milgrau Virgin NPC clown boomer doomer coomer bloomer Zoomer groomer gen X gamer moment divertido epic bruh cringe cum jar cock n-word woman bad Mario games pickle rick not funny didn't laugh pee pee poo poo society Onision passou vergonha hikikomori death grips gamer E-Girl Felipe Ladeira caneta azul FNAF Persona Doge Walter dorime TF2 groovador /Pol/ /mu/ Isabelle Kero Kero Bonito got ur nose Doom Guy hornyposting jojo edgy no fun allowed Ednaldo Pereira literalmente não ironicamente luciana cabral eita bixo sexo Mio Honda junbi ok beta simp Neymar baka mitai eh mole penis music flow podcast gabriel ketterman Luan Pereira James Gunn Robert Pattinson Scaruffi John Lenon bate em esposa Quarto Mundo pogchamp Pinheiro Marcos Floyd poggers 100gecs chief contexto nintendo herói vilão m/(/(0 Asuka Langley Uzaki-Chan disproporcional Quarentena fudil bostil preso Elitista engraçado cara engraçado sim(chad) casual water enjoyer but awesome r/woooosh r/iamverysmart stacy Karen banho gelado + no fap + mgtow REEEEEEEEEEEE sans undertale bozonga also anthony fantano Régis Tadeu gostosa Xcapim Soyboy hoes mad come to brazil I don't wanna go to brasil Riamu Yumemi oii conservacuck libtard SJW MBTI enfim a hipocria hipotenusa hipotermica coronga facts and logic Felipe Neto Ben Shapiro (((eles))) palestina Tiannamen Square nothing happened hentai Angra Anarcoprimitismo shoegaze kanye west ancap ancon neonazi #joker lo-fi beats to study to Vikernes Jim Carrey God I wish that were me furry BTS PTSD army twitter zucc reptiliano


all me.

File: 1600411366240.jpg (53.45 KB, 540x960, 1d50f6bd042be887187d495920….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


a women with a burj Khalifa in her pants isn't a woman

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