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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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i want a ps vita

Rated: 4/10

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced ― even a proverb is no
proverb to you till your life has illustrated it.
― John Keats



i want to live la dolce vita


can't believe chino does not own the chino handheld

it's absurd

Ogden's Law: The sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to catch up.


I hate nearly everyone on this planet and don't see the vast majority as redeemable rather they are beyond redemption, only death can fix them. Is this just because my entire family being essentially libshits and living in a shit place that libshits are common causes it to be near impossible for me to come into contact with people that aren't awful? I seriously hope the vaccines kill off nearly everyone, though my greatest fear is that it'll mostly just kill whites, and then only the based whites will be left over but we won't be able to stand up against China who will then take over the whole world. At least maybe the mutts and niggers in Africa and South America will be exterminated by the Chinese.


We Hate Amerika.



Someone just made this thread. I'm still banned and still haven't bothered to reset my IP but someone else having literally the same thoughts as me.




Kashaya Porno Indians


cuck swede vs teddy swede vs reddit swede



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Updated Firefox on another computer as well to the Hitler edition.



I have been using firefox since I was a prepubertarian already


is that the new epic slur against libertarians


Change your location? Change your race.


A book by Ed Smarter, co authored with Nate Higgins and ALBANON.

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W. Grant.


Where can I move to where I can screech NIGGER and everyone else will just join in chanting NIGGER?




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too tubed didn't read


File: 1619986195485.webm (72.38 KB, 400x278, ahnDrdo.webm) ImgOps Google iqdb


where onionsoupswedeanon @ ?_?
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Date? Never heard of that Pokémon.


doubt it

she was okay, it's more about interpersonal chemistry

99% of which have been walking incircles in a park until girl is bored, then we part and they stop responding on tinder


u me


>99% of which have been walking incircles in a park until girl is bored, then we part and they stop responding on tinder

Women literally control all relationships now. They determine who they marry, who gets to spend time with them, etc.

…and it's fucked. We are going to go extinct because of this unless we get a war going and reduce the status of women to "objects to be used by men however they please".


hmmm… but theyve been doing so for how many years now…
see next: south korea fertility rate and predictions

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whpre moment


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