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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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Dear student,

Last month, I shared our intentions to resume some on-campus teaching activities for our Postgraduate Taught students, once it is safe to do so. In my email on 21st January, I committed to providing you with further information in February once we had reviewed the situation in more detail.

The amount of on-campus activities that we are able to deliver is linked to the Scottish Government Covid-19 protection levels. As you will know, mainland Scotland is currently in lockdown with guidance to stay at home, except for essential purposes. To resume on-campus activities, this would need to move from the current lockdown/Level 4 and into Level 3.

I am now writing to tell you that – following further internal review and of current Scottish Government guidance – we have made the difficult decision that teaching and assessment for Postgraduate Taught students will now remain digital for the rest of the Semester, with a very small number of exceptions.

We have reluctantly taken this decision because we anticipate that it is highly unlikely that these restrictions will be eased in enough time for a significant change to be made to the delivery of teaching and assessment in this Semester (up to 2nd April) and we wish to provide both students and staff with as much certainty as we can in these uncertain times.

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Cucked :DDD


Level 5 is cuck cage and gag like arumba


i feel like arumba


How is Scotland more Reddit-tier than Canada?

We never had that.


nichola "cunt" sturgeon


in the biden era, ethnocentric masculinity is only possible within the framework of ephebo/androphilic incel approach


gay incel nigger
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me except for gay and nigger


philosophically, I am an androphile


same but i hate niggers and gays


Yes. I am not gay because the word gay connotes so much more than same-sex desire. The word gay describes a whole cultural and political movement that promotes anti-male feminism, victim mentality, and leftist politics.



matched with a norwegian girl and i joked to her saying i could teach her to fence

and she thought i was serious and thought i'd take her to a gym and show her, and when i told her i was joking she unmatched


fucking whore trying to get stuff for free


I used to fence.


If you watched a couple tutorials to copy their moves you could say 'yes'


Solomon Carter? He procured no remuneration for services rendered.


17/2/2021 - 23:13
The players have joined a domestic project after parting ways with Secret in 2020.

BLINK have officially added Flatron "⁠juanflatroo⁠" Halimi and Dionis "⁠sinnopsyy⁠" Budeci to their active lineup, the Albanian organisation announced on Wednesday. The experienced pair, who step into the shoes of Ernest "⁠xhoci⁠" Xhoci and Jon "⁠b0r1⁠" Nuredini, had been standing in for the team since the start of the current ESEA Advanced campaign.


The 16th of February, 2021
Kapitein’s new lover.

Kapitein wakes up to find a strange box on his desk. There’s no labeling on it and no indication where it originated from. He decides to open it up to see if the shrink cartel decided to give him a benzo addiction for some cheap laughs. Somewhat disappointed he finds that the package contains no drugs at all, just a keyboard. A small black keyboard. Nothing more. It doesn’t even have a numpad. Bored, he decides to connect it to his PC anyway. As he picks up the board, it feels surprisingly solid and thicccc. Really thicc and sturdy…. it reminds him of おっぱいロリ。He inserts the connector into his homosexual fruity and opens textedit. And he starts stroking the keys, one by one. “Dear Dog, this is nice”, he proclaims out loud. He is taken aback by the smooth yet crisp feedback of the keys as he continues to stroke them in a trance-like state. He turns over the keyboard to learn more about this mysterious keyboard; it says it contains Cherry™ MX©™ 茶色 switches. Kapitein is taken aback by this discovery, these switches feel nothing like on his previous keyboard. They feel crisper than a bag of cum-stained Mountain dew Doritos, yet also remind him of his imaginary botewife’s soft chest he never experienced.




Stay safe, protect ourselves and each other by:

Observing distancing guidelines on and off campus at all times.
Frequently washing hands.
Wearing face coverings in all University buildings. This is mandatory in libraries and study spaces, as well as shops and public transport, unless you have a good reason for not wearing one.
Only moving around campus or between campuses when it is necessary to do so.
Assuming there is an extra risk when we meet new people or we are in groups.
Remembering that alcohol consumption alters judgement, but that this is no excuse for breaking the guidelines.

Be considerate, supportive and inclusive by:

Remembering some people are more vulnerable and some may be shielding.
Acting, where necessary, to prompt and gently remind others to follow the guidelines.
Offering support and signposting services to others.
Acting with empathy, compassion and kindness in both online and offline interactions.
Respecting cultural differences and honouring diverse perspectives.
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in swedeball?



Other people but mostly all the civie cops and real cops that have blockades in every neighborhood


And it's politicians and businessmen who dont pay taxes
Wagies end up paying for all the rest as well to sustain an inflated govt sector
You were kc tier

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


we hate you.


we hate you.


File: 1613644546181.png (396.03 KB, 540x721, old.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1613612809049.png (132.12 KB, 640x360, panty21.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


the only good thing about Latin America was the lack of feminists and trans shit but we're now full of em

Rated: rated/10


who ask?



Rated: 4/10


Ice burn by mr chino



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