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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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trump paid a xhore to piss on him some time ago when he was in st pete
russian secret service recorded that and forced him going into politics in exchange he got his debt at deutsche bank forgiven and also he and his relatives could get more money at that bank

the rest is history


how accurate is that?
not even in moscow…


That would be the least dirty compromat ever used in the history of politics if that is true


thats true
also putin wanted to fuck with hillary for meddling into russias internal politics


Imagine if Hillary and Trump were fuckbuddies behind the scenes
Old fat man and old Lady cuckquean taking revenge on bill the perv

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Imagine pretending to be a leftist and not even supporting BDS.

Rated: 9.5/10

Anarchy: It's not the law, it's just a good idea.


Imagine being Ody and not going back to bronnen where you belong


I refuse to normalize Israel

Rated: 0/10

I think trash is the most important manifestation of culture we have in my
― Johnny Legend



Death to America



Rated: 6/10

It is easier to write an incorrect program than understand a correct


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clip of his hate speech??


He's fat.

Don't care.


fat = good
newfie = bad

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not picochan can't use
Can EdgeMaster be mod?


Nope. Shqipchan is the only board I need.


i love forks i use them to eat pasta


An Italian barman was beaten up by three racist thugs who told him “go back to your own country” because they wrongly believed he was a Muslim, a court heard.

Dario Antonioni, who is in his twenties, was chased and attacked by the drunken men in Surrey Quays on June 10 last year. He has dark hair and had a beard when he was targeted by the men, who shouted “f***ing Muslim”.
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I never eat


I only inhale (crack that is)


Those Three Racist Thugs? ALBANON, E. Smarter, etchymistar88


me read as italian batman


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when you see it…

Rated: 8.5/10

Character is the ligament holding together all other qualities.
― Arnold Glasow



My vape was under my pillow when I woke up so there’s no way there was interfeteremce last night I smoked the whole thing


Perhaps this tubing is really just vaping lung disease


I have fatty liver disease from vapes so maybe


perhaps the real tubing was the paranoia we gained along the way

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when you get tubed too hard for the last time


I’m in New York with the gangstas


Niggas like this remind me of morbidly obese
At the point where ur skin was necrotid and rotten enough to have one maggot u should have realized there was a problem and gotten checked out
No sympathy


crazy how the word cope became normie vernacular

incels are so powerful
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me thinking back to 2012 ylilauta and all the memes that came from it and into the mainstream was huge


if u go in any tf2 game there will be kids spamming that lenny face pmf made popular and saying topkek


niggers still saying kek after all these years, pmf must feel such nostalgia and cringe


think pmf created the most important icon of the alt right


Think being able to capitalize on that with copyright claims

File: 1605987984695.jpeg (230.5 KB, 1442x2048, FDF34595-349A-41B5-97C6-B….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb


They’re all gonna jump on me feeling slightly off today and try and take credit lol
So bloody predictable and banal
Hey feckless incels I know u don’t leave ur room stop pretending

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