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fresh coom from the sunwood mint
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Welcome to bronnen.xyz / mintclub / bonechan / haven't figured out what to call it yet mintboard

Coming soon in order of how soon:
way more css styles and a dropdown menu for them
some kind of flags (suggestions welcome) better ideas still welcome
signatures and uploadable avatars instead of admin assigned custom flags like bnet
yolo rate fortune
suggestions, banners, etc are welcome

it affixes this line to posts when you edit the raw html for some reason
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Your request looks automated; Post discarded.


font name?



today i will not vote

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kc chennai, cursed to hate white people and fascism but post about race 24/7 on kc



can you link some of his posts


chennai is a well-known race realist


He doesn't post on kc
There's an Indian poster there but he has a sense of humor and some self-awareness so it can't possibly be chennai


Kc Chennai reverts to Salafi islam,gets GRS and marries a turksmell

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i need a head massage


Good pic.


thanks roy



simply np


Me too but with shotgun shells


I hate myself


File: 1571628858355.mp4 (1.5 MB, 854x480, d7d23094.mp4) ImgOps Google iqdb


im gay



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i rode two ways today i havent ridden before
barumer way from seedorf to barum and townway from vinstedt to westerweyhe
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i havent biked in a while


yeah me too wanted yesterday but didnt today its raining again not sure if i do the 3k this season (season is from september to september because of when i got my tachometer)



hmm same

also electric bike parts haven't shipped yet


I ride pretty much as often as i can
It sucks now with the rain tho


i ride my bike to work every day


thinking of buying a hunting license
been a couple years since the last time i brutally murdered small woodland creatures


make sure to go sv3rige on those fresh kills




yeah same

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better than us


he looks liki mini-me in large

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