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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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>tfw nVidia forums are an unmoderated abandoned wasteland of people complaining

I wonder what would happen if some imageboard autists colonized it and filled it up with typical imageboard material. Would mods finally actually start paying attention to the posts on those boards?


God I hope I at least get an answer from the community.


since you say it's been getting progressively worse and you've reinstalled windows, then it's almost certainly a hardware issue. it could be a gpu (faulty hdmi/dvi/vga port, broken solder ball on vrm or mosfet caused by excessive temperature fluctuations), electricity, monitor cable and/or gpu temperature issue

is your PSU at least 600W and did you remember to plug in your 6+8-pin connector to your gpu?

download open hardware monitor or gpu-z and monitor your gpu temperature when running a game that causes the blackouts. how high does the temperature get? does it appear to you the blackouts are caused by a certain temperature range that's reached or simply from high gpu usage?

have you tried older versions of nvidia gpu driver?

do you have a different hdmi/dvi cable and gpu hdmi/dvi port you can try?

>Windows 10 Home 64-bit

>actually paying for windows, and it's the shitty home version

>Serial Number: [redacted]

might wanna delete your pastebin


do people still use optical discs in 2020?


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*gives reddit gold*

Objects on your screen are closer than they appear.


I never paid for Windows.

What is the issue with serial number?

I did not assemble this computer btw from parts I bought the computer with all its parts already assembled and everything for an incredible price at the time.

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