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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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Backing up all my favorite youtube channels that are still around before they get whacked.

If any of you guys want to make some money I suggest you do the same and then when they get whacked you can contact the original uploader and tell you have all his videos and you'll give them all back for some $$$

I'll just give it all back free though. Assuming these content creators don't already have a back-up of all their youtube videos.

My own channel I don't bother to keep back-ups. So if the channel is deleted all my shit is lost. Oh well.


Nobody cares about u enough to ban u

Rated: 7.5/10


use youtube-dl -f bestvideo+bestaudio -i -c –write-description –write-info-json –write-thumbnail –add-metadata –xattrs

Rated: 6/10

You don't have to think too hard when you talk to teachers.
― J. D. Salinger


I have been banned from youtube and had accounts shutdown about 10 times already and been banned from pretty much every other site I've ever used as well. Only places I can think of that have never banned me are the linux mint forums and maybe here. That's about it.

Rated: 10/10


only thing worth using for is ripping porn and anime


Leave him alone, he has autism (the bad kind, not the kind that makes one extremely skilled and obsessive in something technical and useful like Satoshi Tajiri, Richard Stallman et al.)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



This is actually not a bad idea at all



I hope he's willing to drop me an email.

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