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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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Adam on the scale of 1 to alcoholism is a ton of feathers heavier than a ton of iron?


Alec why are u altshite


I have taste


Sure, Jan


Alec it couldn't be more obvously that you like me 0 sexually or not


Adam I couldn’t name 3 of your complete sentences even if I wanted to


Alec we know you groom teenage trannies not IRL twinks like Adam Lewinski


incvite me to your shit discord while im sober


I stopped using discord when they announced support for BLM


black lives are irrelevant, thanks for explcitly stating as such


adam you need to get sober and start liking pussy like all normal sane people

Rated: 7/10


It's not a matter of a sobriety, Adam has always been a kid rater..


it's more a matter of society

Proclaim liberty throughout the land and to all the inhabitants thereof.
― Leviticus 25:10


yeah but he needs to stop drinking regardless

Rated: 8/10


based as heck

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