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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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y'know, i thought that neeting was gonna be fantastic, warm at my home, playing games, watching anime all chill and cool but i don't feel happy, in fact, i feel empty and sad, it feels like every fuckin day is the same, it has been a year since the pandemic began but everything feels the same, even at my shitty job i felt more alive.

now i don't even know how to feel, for once i want to keep neeting but i also want to go out to face the fuckin world. i literally feel like a child, afraid of going out and having constant panic attacks but i also feel the necessity of going out.


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wtf is this world salad schizo, stop being a sissy


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think being afraid of going outside


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Although every American has a sense of humor―it is his birthright and
encoded somewhere in the Constitution―few Americans have never been able to
cope with wit or irony, and even the simplest jokes often cause unease,
especially today when every phrase must be examined for covert sexism,
racism, ageism.
― Gore Vidal, "The Essential Mencken," The Nation,
August 26/September 2, 1991.


That kinda me now
More gang afraid to speak or leave room


gang tubed by drugs and alcohol


Hmm mayhaps, mayhaps
I always have mental health problems tho


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i feel rather gort,,

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