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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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happy 150th birthday Germanyball!


Germanyball can into unification!




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


kraut-chan dot net
my favou-rite place on the inter-net


Mine too.


bbc = good
germany = bad
nazis = bad


All wrong


spscarter = fat and gay


File: 1610977924088.jpg (1.03 MB, 653x4739, 1610972919518.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


this will come in handy if i ever try to teach my pet ant german


no problem


its 600 pixels broad
are you not on your desktop or smth




Let the chins play.


On behalf of all German people, thank you !


I just LOVE countryballs.


rare flag spotted!


I suffer from assburgers.


Krautchan cured my burgers.


Mine too.



Le combo Breivik.


Good combo.




Of course.





Thanks to Krautchan I have no burgers.


Same here.


Krautchan, the best place for ebin menes.




reddit swede


I always talk about countryballs on Krautchan.


Me too.


I always talk about haplogroups.



Me too.


I usually combine haplogroups and countryballs to make haploballs. That way I can enjoy epic, funny comics in which Alpineball talks to Mediterraneanball about their cephalic index and who is the most dolichocephalic.


I love haploballs. So anthropological and witty!


>Vladimir Nuzhny from the National Narcological Research Centre of Russia states that almost half of the Russian population has inherited a Mongol gene having the effect of causing more alcohol to be absorbed by the blood.
>According to Nuzhny they are more susceptible to aggressions or depressions.

My favourite haploball comic is when Teutonball remarks that Slavball has epicanthic folds and that he is a steppe nomad squatting in his yurt.

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