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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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I kinda want to build a gayming pc considering that there's less and less incentive to be a console gamer but gpus are very expensive as fuck


gaming is dead


what are you some kind of poorfag


are you playing any new games?

are you gonna play cyberpunnk


bought soyberpunk for less than 20 usd


me for 0


<buying soyberpunk



what do you have now as in terms of pc? Just a laptop?

God is a verb, not a noun.



waste of money and time

get a job instead


I had one but lose it due to covid-19

worked in a uni, alumni stopped assisting, they told me to fug off


Do you have a target game you want to play?

You don't become a failure until you're satisfied with being one.


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not really, every game I play runs fine on my ps4 pro


Oh wow, the board called me a loser (it knows)

When asked, "If you find so much that is unworthy of reverence in the United
States, then why do you live here?" Mencken replied, "Why do men go to zoos?"


all you need is a gtx 750 ti and a basic i5 from the last 10 years to play the only game that matters: csgo

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