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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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This dude doesn't talk shit about the pajeets spamming actual weird nonsense on guru's videos while acts like my normal and well written posts are "weird nonsense".


Do you anons think that Telekinesis Guru is purposely ignoring me? I don't think so. He probably just misses my comments or they never even show up due to censorship.


Hang the heretic
The word of HuHamilton Anon is absolute


I can't see your comments either, Ano
Maybe YouTube shadowbanned you


your posts are not normal


Gay is not normal.


go fuck a barbie



You will receive a legacy which will place you above want.


he will


find me one


uh, yeah?


I will.



Telekinesis Guru liked and responded to my posts today.

Doubters BTFO I knew he was just a busy man.


Love it when that happens


yes i am very agree berrie anon posts are above normal they are superior type posting


the crew is gonna pay visit to user "O_o"


yep he will regret :D


shut the fuck up dago

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