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But, notwithstanding what I have just said, I would be neglecting my full duty in the matter if I failed to call your attention to the fact that the continued use of a particular crystal often has the effect of polarizing its molecules so as to render it a far more efficient instrument as time passes by. The longer the crystal is used by one person, the better does it seem to serve the uses of that person. I agree with many users of the crystal in their belief that each person should keep his crystal for his own personal use, and not allow it to be used indiscriminately by strangers or persons not in sympathy with occult thought. The crystal tends to become polarized according to the requirements of the person habitually using it, and it is foolish to allow this to be interfered with.

In case of the strong concentration of the mind, in cases of psychometry or crystal-gazing, a channel or "line of force" is set up in the astral substance which composes the basis of the astral plane. This is like the wake of a ship made on the surface of the water through which the ship has passed. Or it is like a current of magnetic force in the ether. It is caused by a polarization of the particles composing the astral substance, which manifest in a current of intense vibrations in the astral substance, which thus serve as a ready channel for the transmission of psychic force or astral energy.

"Even the simpler and purely astral operation is a difficult one to describe, though quite an easy one to perform. It may be said to partake somewhat of the nature of the magnetization of a bar of steel; for it consists in what we might call the polarization, by an effort of the human will, of a number of astral atoms reaching from the operator to the scene which he wishes to observe. All the atoms thus affected are held for the time being with their axes rigidly parallel to one another, so that they form a kind of temporary tube along which the clairvoyant may look. This method has the disadvantage that the telegraph line is liable to disarrangement or even destruction by any sufficiently strong astral current which happens to cross its path; but if the original creative effort were fairly definite, this would be a contingency of only infrequent occurrence. The view of a distant scene obtained by means of this 'astral current' is in many ways not unlike that seen through a telescope. Human figures usually appear very small, like those on a distant stage, but in spite of their diminutive size they are as clear as though they were close by. Sometimes it is possible by this means to hear what is said as well as to see what is done; but as in the majority of cases this does not happen, we must consider it rather as the manifestation of an additional power than as a necessary corollary of the faculty of sight."

( Each of these paragraphs are from three different parts of the same book http://www.gutenberg.org/files/12480/12480-h/12480-h.htm )


>Human figures usually appear very small, like those on a distant stage, but in spite of their diminutive size they are as clear as though they were close by

This is a mindfuck for me.



You have heard of "Polarity," and "Polarization" in connection with electrical phenomena. "Polarity" is defined by Webster as: "That quality or condition of a body by virtue of which it exhibits opposite or contrasted properties or powers, in opposite or contrasted parts or directions; or, a condition giving rise to a contrast of properties corresponding to a contrast of positions." And, "Polarization" is defined by the same authority as: "Act of polarizing; state of having polarity." Well, then, the process of erecting the Astral Tube is practically that of the "polarization" of the particles of Astral matter by an effort of the human Will, set in motion by means of a strong Desire or Determination, under certain conditions.

When the human Will is directed toward a distant person or object, under the proper psychic conditions, it tends to "polarize" a path or channel through the Astral atmosphere toward the desired point, which channel becomes at once an easy course of psychic communication for the transmission or receiving of psychic impressions or expressions, as the case may be. And, in the case of Psychomancy and kindred phenomena, the Astral Senses of the person (even though his Astral Body be still within its physical counterpart) are able to readily "sense" the impressions being manifested at a far distant point in space.

The above mentioned channel of communication—the Astral Tube—has not of course the advantages of actual travel in the Astral Body, and is besides affected by certain Astral happenings, such as the breaking up of the tube, or an impairment of its efficiency, by reason of some stronger astral current or channel, etc., for instance. When one considers the currents and cross-currents constantly in operation on the Astral Plane, it will be seen how likely the above mentioned interference is to happen.

Through the Astral Tube the Astral Senses actually "sense" the sights, and often the sounds being manifested at a distance, just as one may see distant sights through a telescope, or hear distant sounds through a telephone, for instance. It also may be used as a microscope, as we shall see as we proceed. The student's attention is especially directed toward the fact that in this form of phenomena, the Psychomancer remains within his physical body, and does not travel in the Astral at all. He sees the distant scenes, just as a man sees them through a telescope. His consciousness remains within his physical body.

A well known writer on this subject has truly said: "* * * the limitations resemble those of a man using a telescope on the physical plane. The experimenter, for example, has a particular field of view which cannot be enlarged or altered; he is looking at his scene from a certain direction, and he cannot suddenly turn it all around and see how it looks from the other side. If he has sufficient psychic energy to spare, he may drop altogether the telescope that he is using, and manufacture an entirely new one for himself which will approach his objective somewhat differently; but, this is not a course at all likely to be adopted in practice. But it may be said, the mere fact that he is using Astral Sight ought to enable him to see it from all sides at once. And so it would, if he were using that sight in the normal way upon an object which was fairly near him—within his astral reach as it were; but at a distance of hundreds or thousands of miles the case is very different. Astral sight gives us the advantage of an additional dimension, but there is still such a thing as position in that dimension, and it is naturally a potent factor in limiting the use of the powers of its plane. * * * Astral sight, when it is cramped by being directed along what is practically a tube, is limited very much as physical sight would be under similar circumstances, though if possessed in perfection it will continue to show, even at that distance, the auras, and therefore all the emotions and most of the thoughts of the people under observation."

The Astral Tube, in connection with Psychomancy, is used in a variety of forms. It is often used unconsciously, and springs into existence spontaneously, under the power of some strong emotion, desire or will. It is also observed in some cases of hypnotic phenomena, in which the hypnotist uses his will to cause his subject to form an Astral Tube, and then report his impressions. It is also used by the trained Psychomancer, without the use of any "starting point," or "focal centre," simply by the exercise of his trained, developed and concentrated will. But its most familiar and common use is in connection with some object serving as a "starting point," or "focal centre."

The "starting point" or "focal centre," above mentioned, is generally either what is known as "the associated object" in the class of phenomena commonly known as "Psychometry," or else a glass or crystal-ball, or similar polished reflecting surface, in what is known as "Crystal Gazing." In the two next succeeding lessons, we shall consider these two forms of phenomena, respectively.



In passing by the subject of the resemblance between the outward forms of living things and the crystals, it is interesting to note how the crystals of frost and ice resemble the forms of leaves, branches, flowers, foliage, etc.—the pane of glass covered with these frosty forms, resembles a garden. The disk of saltpeter,[Pg 47] under the effect of polarized light, very closely resembles the form of the orchid.

Recent scientific experiments have shown that certain metallic salts, when subjected to a galvanic current, group themselves around one of the poles of the battery, and assume a mushroom-like shape and appearance. At first, they seem to be transparent, but gradually they assume color, the top becoming a bright red, with the under-side showing a pale rose color, the stem being of a pale straw color. The discoverers of these peculiar forms, called them by the German equivalent for "inorganic mushrooms," but even this term seems scarcely worthy of them, for they even show a trace of something like organs. Under the microscope they are seen to have fine canals or vein-like channels running through their stems, from top to base. And through these "veins" the "thing" absorbed fresh material and actually "grew" like low forms of fungus-life. Were these things merely minerals or chemical-substances, or were they low forms of organic life? The lines between the Inorganic and the Organic are being wiped out rapidly. The Supreme Power that caused Life to Be, caused it to All, and did not divide Its manifestations into Dead-Things and Live-Things, but breathed into all the Breath of Life. And the[Pg 48] more clearly we see the actual evidence of this, the greater does that Supreme Power seem to us.



The Care of the Crystal.

There is no particular virtue in any particular object used for this purpose, as such object acts merely to focus the psychic power of the person, as has been said. Certainly the student should not fall into the error of supposing that the crystal, or similar object, has any miraculous or supernatural power whatsoever, it is simply an instrument, like the microscope or telescope, nothing more or less. But, at the same time, it must be admitted that there is much truth in the claim of certain crystal gazers, to the effect that the use of a particular crystal seems to have the effect of polarizing its molecules so as to render it a more effective instrument in time. In fact, the phenomenon seems to bear a close relation to the well known case of a long-used violin becoming a more perfect instrument, and giving forth richer and fuller notes than a new instrument. The longer a gazing crystal is used, especially by the one person, the better does it seem to serve the purposes of that particular person. Experts in crystal gazing insist that the crystal gazer should keep his own crystal for his own particular use, and not allow it to be used indiscriminately, particularly in the case of strangers or of persons not sympathetic with psychic subjects. They claim that each crystal 93becomes polarized according to the individual character and needs of the person habitually using it, and that it is unwise to allow others to disturb this quality in it.




Let us now consider The Law of Opposites, or Polarity, the mastering of which constitute one of the Arcane Secrets. Listen to the Aphorism:Aphorism xxi. Every thing in the Cosmos has its opposite. Every quality, attribute or condition has its opposite. Every thing and every quality, attribute or condition is one of a Pair of Opposites—and yet contains within itself a Pair of Opposites. Polarity is inherent in every thing. Every thing has its Two Poles; and also is, itself, one pole of something else. The Pairs of Opposites—the two Opposing Poles—are but phases of the same thing. In the union of the Two Poles, or Pair of Opposites, there is to be found the “thing‑in‑itself ” of a thing. There is always a Reconciliation and Agreement possible between Opposites—always a possible Synthesis of Opposing Thesis and Antithesis. Every thing “is” and “is not” at the same time, in its qualities, attributes and conditions—and the Reconciliation, Agreement and Synthesis reveals a new “Is.” And yet the Reconciliation, Agreement, or Synthesis—the new “Is”—is but one Pole, or one of a Pair of Opposites, of a new and higher Polarity or Pair. And, so on, to infinity. In this Aphorism is contained the Secret of the Understanding of all things in the Cosmos.



Aphorism xxvi. Poise is Power. Poise results from Balance. Balance is secured by adjusting and maintaining the Centre between the Poles of the Pairs of Opposites. By Balanced Poise the Master neutralizes Polarity and Rhythm, by resolving them into Unity. In the Heart of the Storm is Peace. In the Centre of Life there is Poise and Power. Seek it ever, O Neophyte—for in it thou shalt find thy Self.



Let the Neophyte place himself in a position and condition of calm, restful repose, and then meditate upon the fact that contrasting and opposing feelings and emotions are in reality but the opposite poles of the same thing. Let him, in imagination, try the experiment of changing the polarity of some emotion—of inducing the state of love where hate has been dominant, or vice versa. Let him shift the polarity of his feelings and emotions at will, backward and forward. He will thus discover that the feelings and emotions are far from being fixed and constant, as he had supposed, but are capable of being shifted about at Will. This exercise will result in giving the individual a wonderful power over his feelings and emotion, and preventing them from dominating or ruling him. By shifting the polarity one may change a painful feeling or emotion into its opposite. Distressing feelings may be changed in polarity, or balanced with their opposites, and much pain be obviated. It is not necessary always to shift entirely to the opposite pole of the emotion or feeling—many adepts merely change the polarity to the opposite in a sufficient degree to establish a balance and thus create a condition and state of poise and equilibrium, which results in peace of mind—which quiets the stormy sea of passion, emotion or feeling. This condition of Poise and Balance is the true state of the advanced occultist. Equally balanced between the Pairs of Opposites one finds a peace unknown to those who polarize in either extreme. When one fully realizes that he is Master of the Opposites, and may shift the polarity of emotion and feeling at Will, then he himself is able to establish the condition most conducive to his satisfaction and happiness. Such a one is well on the road to Mastership.



The degree of Will manifested by the individual depends upon his degree of focalization or polarity in the Cosmic Will itself. The greater the realization of one’s relation to the Cosmic Will the greater is his capacity for manifesting Will Power. Consequently all efforts toward developing positivity in Will Power must be based upon the fundamental realization. The Formulas given in the earlier chapters of this book will give to the Neophyte the key to the Secret of Mentalism.

The Arcane Formula for the manifestation of Will Power consists simply in the development of the realization of Egohood—of the fact that the individual is a focalized centre of force and Will in the great Cosmic Will. The higher the degree of this realization the higher degree of positivity will the individual possess. Fasten this truth in your minds: The Will Power of the individual is not something created by him, but is, in reality, the power of the Cosmic Will in which he lives and moves and has his being. The individual has no Will Power in himself, but all the will he manifests must flow through his organism from the Cosmic Will. The individual is merely the focal point of Will—a channel through which the Cosmic Will may act. Ponder well these words, O Neophyte, for in them is contained the whole Secret of Mentalism.



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Speed readed all of "vril" book again today.

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