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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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he lives in a facility
why is it so funny unironically


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It’s just a regular house, not as u imagine it


makes me lol


Are ya ready kids?
(Aye, aye, captain)
I can't hear you
(Aye, aye, captain)
Who lives in a facility in Boston, MA?
(William Grant)
Gay and pedophilic and retarded is he?
(William Grant)
If meeting the criteria for statutory rape be something you wish?
(William Grant)
Then download Grindr and message him
(William Grant)
(William Grant)
(William Grant)
(William Grant)
(William Grant)



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it's funny cus he literally can't take care of himself

something that people an iq of 85 can


Babyryan :live in king's castle
wfg:live in facility for retard


Ryan stands for evropa
Billy is just an adrenochrome addicted pedo





babyryan: uses his wealth to buy top of the line gaming computer
william grant: uses his wealth to buy kids from indonesia


You mean Shqiptana, the A.I. mainframe he built from scratch to calculate the optimal strategy for recapturing Evropa?


I actually don’t like being talked about this much


turn in your phone


do you ever get afraid of people irl finding out about this place?


don't worry they will when I make William Grant a superstar through kiwifarms :D


My friends or what’s left of them know I had serious drug problems in the past that turned into mental instability and frequent breakdowns

I’m not hiding anything from them tbh I tell them I live in a group home

At the same time as carrying the embarrassment from that status I am employed and in school, which is unironically a lot more than some of my rich compatriots are doing with themselves whether they live independently or not


blabla ur employed at Amazon through an affirmative action / subsidized program for tubeis and u go to bbc online school


Actually all the real tubes whose metrics were too slow for axed, recently
I have 100 percent satisfaction rate and metrics that put me just ahead of the middle of the pack


know who else has 100% satisfaction rate?
ur mother


Post methamphetamine abuse psychosis


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Conald taught me how to treat tweakers like Billy properly

With scorn and disgust


100% agree



I don’t do drugs any more
And you are self admittedly addicted to bezos and quite clearly cognitively impaired by your present drug use
Who the fuck do u think ur fooling


You take prescribed speed
Same shit


Dose dependent effects are real u know


I haven’t used benzodiazepines since 2012 you psychological projecting loser.


U can lie but Eugene doesn’t
I remember all your “it’s over for ody” threads too of mid last year where u also confessed to being an addict


Alcoholism =/= benzo use mr low IQ sissy.


Oh sorry I forgot ur the good and exceptional kind of addict, feel free to keep flinging shit at everyone who doesn’t have your exact flavor of spiritual weakness and illness


Yes tweakers are subhuman compared to drunks

Hitler was a tweaker but based Stalin was a drunk

Cope more bitch


Ody and Anus, you are more alike than different

I can see a beautiful friendship grow between the two of you


Callum and you would make a fine gay couple


honestly though doesnt facility living sound kind of cozy


How so


Low cost of living bc they are usually charitable organizations
Like minded schizos to hang out and play vidya with
People to talk about ur life problems and goals with
Lowered expectations of social prowess and coolness


people to socialize with all the time
probably organized activities every now and then
people keeping track of your progress and trying to improve you


Mint Norway have u decided to have a conscience again


i stopped hounding you long time ago


mint Norway = gay fag who has been excommunicated from the crew for his unwillingness to rape ur eyesockets


U manifested the mk801 arc though
Bad boy


He’s a real human being who has better things to do
Big respect


stfu kid


i scrolled through wiki for research chemicals and found it and posted it
nothing more was done


more freedom than the average cuck who lives in a society because of corona


mint norway stop gaslightning thesaurus anon


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