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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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The Injection?
The Mark?
The Chip?
The Branding?
The Experiment?
The Gene Jab?
The Clot Shot?
The Fauci Ouchie?
The Devil's Dose?
The New Normal Needle?
The First Of Many?
The Good-Goy-B-Gone?
The Obedience Collar?
The Stroke Poke?
The Clinical Trial?
The Poisonous Prick?
The Cardiac Concoction?
The We Don't Know?
The Stinging Sterilizer?
The Dear Leader Delight?
The Poke Me Harder Daddy?
The Jew Goo?
The Kike Spike?
The Zion Prions?
The Pearly Gates Barricade?
The Guidestone Gambit?
The Social Validator?
The Sperm Eliminator?
The Heart Palpitator?
The Life Terminator?
The Sheep Eradicator?
The Mystery Science Juice 3000?

Rated: 10/10


fack all that and fack William Grant


So true.

The trouble with being punctual is that people think you have nothing
more important to do.


The Experiment

The plural of spouse is spice.


It’s a coin flip whether the experiment is the virus itself or the vaccine
>deep mistrust of government science but somehow fearless of the disease that government science created in a lab to tube the populus


why even type opinion nobody here takes you seriously


Oh no the chat room isn’t taking me seriously this is a big indicator in life


niggar Grant exist for himself and his love for male children thus he can read what he wrote himself and he doesnt need anyone else.


no i’m just saying it’s pointless expended energy that you say anything on here
it’s also tiring for people to interact with in a non-insincere manner


Mmm mhm maybe u shouldn’t have tubed me then


Maybe the real tubing was the vaccines we took along the way


The incel you bullied in middle school?


nobody tubed you
you’re genuinely just another insane and exhausting person which there are no shortages of


How to become less exhausting


The reason I have doubts is cause u lie about other things constantly
But that’s just the internet


go to therapy
make the changes you want


Idk but you must have a very shitty doctor if you have actually been paying for 'treatment'


1) Burj Khalifa Sky Dive
2) Huanghe Deep Dive
3) Death Obsession



Rated: 4.5/10


Just isolate at home get neither virus nor mRNA crap.

Rated: 3.5/10


What if you are white so you go to work or college


redpill me)



Rated: 5/10

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