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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Tubing


tips for a beginner?


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do you have a toaster ? m,


who need microwave when u have toaster)


i put my hand in a toaster as a kid (trying to feel if it was hot) and there was no explosion
just a little 220v jolt


try again


ok wait


Don't overthink it. The T*bed One is usually too out of it to put up a fight, it's like playing the Hitman tutorial on easiest difficulty.


the nice thing about tubing is that it gets easier with time


You will do it for free.
You will do it 24/7.
You will drop your job, your passion, your belongings, your dreams just to be able to tube.
And you will have no regrets.


You WILL tube the tubes.
You WILL follow in the steps of Father Igor.
and you WILL be bones.


Absolutely For No Payment.


In the future you will own no tubes and you will be happy.

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