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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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The only thing good about Canada is the land. The people infesting this country are shit.


take it back commie


The best people in Canada would be entirely found in the rural areas not cities. Cities are infested with mutts and shitskins.


that's commie speak to discount all urbanites as dregs


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commie = good
mutts and shitskins = good
newfies = bad


*Urbanite dreg detected*


urbanites = good
ruralights = bad
reserves = good
accurate, we will be in contact about employment


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bEn SwEET fUCking BEn fACe WHen SseEIng THis ReTARdeD sTATEmENt AS hE ENjOyeS yet ANothER fASCinATing & EXCitiGN tRIp T o The ICEFUCKs ANd SnoWFUCks PlANES Not UNLiKE The plANAES of BlOODSkALlOPS wHErE Gort FroZEn ViroMES reSIDE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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File: 1637824540198.png (404.81 KB, 772x450, bonulars.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

GhAhAH pRowL ThE IceFUCKs SWeET cHIld DIScoVEr THE TRUtH,,,,,,,,m,,,,,,,,


the disgusting seed of bones gestating beneath icies


*activates antikelownian apparition on anti-smiley mode*
*initiates project code name 'Ontarian apparition'*
*uploads executable on central Soup Kitchen server*
hehehehe and the fun has just began…


why he countersignalling though

kelowna apparition usually sides with Kitchener Anon
fight on the astral plane?


when smiley anonymous opened the portal to the kelownian manifestations dimension perhaps others, less welcome guests, decided to step into ours…


perchance Barrie Anonymous is not in full control of all the Daemons that he unleashed upon the world through his astral projections


hes right you know


Any square kilometer that Benjamin Beaverton does not currently find himself in is by decree a shit hole



comment ca va?

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