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Five quick tweets on the new variant B.1.1.529

Caveat first: data here is *very* preliminary, so everything could change. Nonetheless, better safe than sorry.

1) Based on the data we have, this variant is out-competing others *far* faster than Beta and even Delta did 🚩🚩


3) Aside from its rapid rise in South Africa, the other key reason for concern here is that the specific mutations that B.1.1.529 has are — based on what we’ve seen with other variants — known to be associated with greater transmissibility & immune evasion


ok so all the more reason to give up on flattening The Curve
just pump old people full of autism juice every fall and let it rip


>greater transmissibility
Been hearing this since the Beta variant.
>immune evasion
Hmm maybe it has to do with the fact that there's no vaccine against a strain that's not the original.
The more you vaccinate the more strains you will help produce.

You could live a better life, if you had a better mind and a better body.



Covid panic was never about health, it was about compliance and obedience to your monkey government.

Every successful person has had failures, but repeated failure is no
guarantee of eventual success.


Can't believe there are some dumb fuck niggers out there that got 3/4 shots within the span of 12 months and still managed to get infected with this clown virus

Sex is the mathematics urge sublimated.
― M. C. Reed.


Not even niggers are this dumb

When the wind is great, bow before it; when the wind is heavy, yield to it.


Everyone that got vaxxed will develop AIDS and die from cancer, heart and cerebral problems within 5 years.
The children will likely survive but be rendered sterile.

You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny.


this is the anti-vaxxers fault

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