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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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that would be so me if i had a gf :)

so girls message me if you're interest in a guy who cares about your feelings


would you describe yourself as a nice guy


several girls have called me "really nice" and "so sweet" :)


wow, good to know there are still guys out there that respect women


"nice" "sweet" and "interesting" things demon tongues say when they mean boring
be careful

Rated: 0/10


it isn't "refers hinging" if you say "im a nice guy" who nu bring nothing else to the table

Rated: 4/10


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basically what im saying is
as a former sweet nice guy
demons will exploit it
and girls only recognize it as positive if u have something else going for you
otherwise ur sweetness is looked at as hedigng ur bets as a boring beta male (a last ditch effort at connection, rather than an intrinsic purity)

and you vastra have no purity

Rated: 10/10


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Real it mies and it girl hours


why they have suit jackets @ bed


just reddit swede and his current girl @ bed

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