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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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I love games. Games are my life. Whenever games are on sale, I'm there. 30 seconds in…and I switch to another game. I can't get enough of all these games. Do you play games? Especially computer games. Computers are fun. They make me smile. I love to buy hardware and build my own computer. I got the latest graphics card so I can play all new games. Fun, fun, fun.


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anique loved fortnite


what about minecraft




ritalin bad
vyvanse good


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I unlocked my front door and entered my home. Old pizza boxes lay strewn on the floor all around my living room table and the stench of stale bread crusts were overwhelming. An ocean of soda bottles made me sigh with self-loathing as I wandered across the living room to reach my computer.
I turned it on, taking off all my clothes in the process and rested my giant gut on the edge of the computer table which could barely withstand the weight of this protruding, stretch mark covered monstrosity.
All of my torrents consisted of Japanese animated cartoons and cracked PC games which I update on a weekly basis in order to satisfy my insatiable appetite for mind numbing entertainment. An ashtray stands beside my big breasted hentai mousepad and in it a giant pile of cigarette butts welcome my gaze as I reach for the packet of Marlboro Lights at the edge of the table.
I light up the last remaining cigarette and click on the Twitch icon on my screen so I can watch my favourite waifu streamer jiggle her tits to a crowd of willing donors that shower her with donations.
As I saw her smile I reached inside my underwear and started stroking my micropenis with sardonic contempt and thought to myself: "I bet she would be my girlfriend if I asked her".


i always pictured your life looked something like this


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i think he is describing the average imageboard "hacker" that lurks behind his screen for several hours every day


Woah you're in Waterloo as well? Do you like games too? I like games as well. They help me occupy my time when I'm too broke to do anything in the real world.


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You should try Ethan Ralph 64.


just like playing as wario in the DS version


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Real gamers play the N64 version.

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