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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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My name is Faheem al-Tahini. I come from a shithole far, far away from the civilized world. I do not have any noteworthy education nor do I possess a willingness to learn because my upbringing was full of harsh reminders of a cruel and cold reality: my father beat my mother as soon as she tries to go outside without male company or he threw acid in my sisters face because she happened to reveal an inch of her hair beneath her hijab. I live in Sweden at the moment and when I exit my welfare subsidized housing (my family depends on government assistance for food and shelter) I walk around in my neighbourhood and see a wonderful array of diversity.

Illiterate Somalians with high instances of autism (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18754897/) that smell like shit and ass, Kurds that run tiny pizza places that overcharge their customers for terrible food and Arabs that huddle together in public around various fruits and vegetables that get sold in the open, arguing with each other over who has the cheapest goods and trying to bargain to save some welfare money. I meet with my friends, all of them are shitskins just like me, and we attend school but can never manage to get any passable grades because we were never encouraged by our parents since we come from environments with a lot of domestic violence and abuse. Instead of trying to get an education we dream of becoming famous soccer players and gangster rappers. We all know that our dreams will never come true and instead we will end up like taxi drivers or street cleaners or perhaps kebab shop owners at best.

Oh boy, what a fantastic contribution to society I am. How could racism still exist in this day and age?


watch out faheem theres a notorious schizo around where u live


wait a minute…. you actually wrote all of that?


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William Grant lives in Sweden?



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so you turks are behind some of this schizo shit. maybe this rysisan is close to you.


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>Kohlchan screenshot


why are you posting aussiescum? still kowtowing to low iq runts?


i hate niggers


yeah im the first of the schizos


That is good.






Of course.






me the tahini


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Me the autistic Somali boy drooling like a retard while praying to Allah.


Thank you for being a waste of air and food. Your rapist antics are so quaint and quirky and your native country shouldn’t be nuked for being such an abject failure.


Somalia is a vibrant anarchist experiment. Who needs a functioning society when you have Islam and autism?


Islamo-autism? Sounds exotic.














You've been misinformed.




Think again.



Please reconsider.




You will regret this.







Of course.









I concur.













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