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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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playing sekiro and drunkfeng


i never


fitgirl repack is 7.2GB what are you waiting for


no 2h big black greatweapon cant play


tried a strength character in ds1 and it chewed ass
dex+int is so much better


File: 1663628944697.webp (15.75 KB, nigger fedora.webp)

>dex+int is so much better


what the heck is that filetype


File: 1663629022561-0.gif (867.3 KB, 220x123, tower-knight-demons-souls.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1663629022561-1.gif (1.4 MB, 498x280, much-better-guy.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


someones mad


File: 1663633109825.mp4 (12.74 MB, 1280x720, redditsave.com_how_the_bos….mp4) ImgOps Google iqdb

i'm replaying ds3, only played it through once 4-5 years ago
i've always played dex katana builds in ds
now playing 2h str
fun to one shot mobs

got invaded earlier by some laggy ass nigga
my club kept going through him without hitting
then he'd *teleports behind you* omae wa mou shindeiru


so far sekiro feels much more hardcore than ds


you know what's hardcore ?


how far into the game are you?

the combat is hella sweet once you start to master it
genichiro is like the first boss where you truly get tested that you have the basics down


File: 1663634944894.png (376.26 KB, 640x594, 1620756000087.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

i never finished sekiro

or rather, i accidentally picked the earlier ending first
and on ng+ when i came to final boss i got stuck for an hour then i forgot about the game for weeks and when i started it up again i had become noob so never bothered to beat the true final boss


is it out on pc?


It's very good

Best combat system of any souls game imo


It's just different than ds

You need to focus mainly on blocking your opponents attacks with perfect timing you are not supposed to roll dodge them like in dark souls


File: 1663635530041.jpg (35.21 KB, 610x590, 1b7367daea2c2a3a.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

it released on all platforms simultaneously



the horse guy (sps carter reference)


me favorite bosses guardian ape, great shinobi and genichiro
emma and ishinn in shura ending were also good

shoutout to minibosses ashina elite and o'rin


where stream @


one thing i don't like is that it's much harder to grind early and upgrade your stuff
in ds games you could be clever and get powerful fast




right after spc boss you can grind at a place to the right after the gate, killing like 5 mobs then reset
think i grinded some lvls there very quickly


also i'm too used to ds keybinds
i keep pressing space to dodge instead of shift


wtf why is the torrent only 10-15gb


it's even less if you unselect foreign language packs and artbook stuff etc
also it runs really well


weird, thought all modern games were 100gb+


it's 2019 i think


wtf why are you playing with kb and mouse instead of gamepad?
you can rebind keys btw

remember when dark souls was announced to be ported to pc? it got hella hype for months
and when it was finally released it was really really badly ported
very buggy and bad performance
trying to play it with keyboard and mouse was particularly awful, you had to download mods and fixes to get it barely playable
i didn't have a gamepad back then so i played it through entirely with kbm


my xbox controller got flex cable pwned
keyboard is fine once you get used to it
>you had to download mods and fixes to get it barely playable
sounds like elden ring


How's it going with gyuobo?


too druknb to playu


2h str is so easy compared to katanas

Beating all bosses in one or two tries




lgbt propaganda promoting sissiness


smh why can't they fix the control scheme so it shows PC keybindings


i was out
update l8ter

strength is much lower dps than dex plus you don't have status effects like bleed or freeze
also bosses usually have crazy poise so they can pwn you in between hits
the only strength weapon i'd use in pve is vordt's hammer

there's an option in the settings


>also bosses usually have crazy poise so they can pwn you in between hits
so do i
i just bash every boss in the face ez
have like 30 vitality so can have lots of armor while under 70% cap
i'm @ soul of cinder now but gonna do archdragon peak and ariandel first


it depends on the window the bosses have, a fast weapon can land 3 hits while u get one with a great club on midir on most of xis attacks

theyre good against ganksquads in pvp but after u duel the same guy more than twice u cant do shit when u pump str/vig/end/vit only. most mixup u can do after that is casting a pyro that does no damage n they'll know not to be scared of it if theyre good.

cant even switch weapons from the menu on the fly since the weights are so varied.


File: 1663710194480.jpg (58.64 KB, 1182x466, spscarter on mw2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


classic spsanon

When asked, vater igor said he was converting the disabled antichrist by the metaphysical transcendental brick by brick method using his bear hands against the disabled antichrist's nous. Citations, leaked interpol documents and hacked critical infrastructure. Peer reviewed by the swiss mintboard coalition and fact checked by staffas wales public servants.


everything i said is true


how old were you when you posted that


i started playing mw2 when i was 15 i think
used to troll retards on the wasteland map


thumper pro


too old for mw2

but mw1, now that was a banger


no way you're older than late 20s


like 23 i think


Demon souls remake is kino


good times
even played the beta
but it was also the beginning of the end for cod and mainstream FPS games since it introduced killstreaks, unlocks etc


got stuck at sister friede
never done the DLCs before

it's a good fight, but damn annoying since i'm trying to learn to parry and it feels so random at times


horse boss defeated
it only took one try after i started blocking correctly


i've never done any pvp in dark souls besides getting invaded
feels like the only people doing pvp are people that been playing for years
it was probably fun when the game was new

have fun on the upcoming miniboss ;)


nantes stream pls


add me lolitsadam


high inhib lame ass nigger


nigger i don't even know how to stream through linux proton & i don't have mic



or just add me on discord and stream there


Discord is Zioshit. You must be Zioshit.


bull nigger defeated

Discord is Zioshit. You must be Zioshit.


stopped trying to parry friede and killed her ez

parrying in dark souls is a meme


got spotted by the first two guards after escaping well, gave up



y wa t


Y give up when the game hasn't even started?


invade ppl its fun, i think pc servers came back recently so there should be bunch of ppl


they went down again 2 days ago and still aren't up


Bloodborne is the top 5 best game ever made imo

Conscience is what hurts when everything else feels so good.


i've done nameless king and soul of cinder now

only ringed city left, i don't have the DLC tho
guess i'll wait for it to go on sale


nigger just pirate it wtf


piteå: but the developers deserve my support!


but then i can't play online
also the developers deserve my support!


so apparently you lose 50% xp if you die

which is retarded because it literally just means that the game becomes harder and harder if you die more often, seems counter intuative


so i'm literally back to level 0 with 0 xp points


have you tried getting good


yeah that's what im trying to do but what's the point in making the game harder for someone who isn't good


combat feels really clunky too


so the only combat moves are attack, parry, jump, and "dodge"?


you can charge hits for more damage
you get tons of different techniques pretty early in the game
you get ninja tools grafted into your arm
you can sneak up on enemies and crit them


Big noob
Best combat of any third person game
You just have to get into the right mindset if you've never played a SOULS LIKE before
Every input must be deliberate


cleaned out most of mt kongo

you're not supposed to just go and kill everyone
you have to manage your health and your items
sneak up on enemies when your health is too low to fight
look @ the way they patrol so you don't get seen
learn their moveset so you know when to block or attack
basically be careful

pitheau do you use the bell demon


>you're not supposed to just go and kill everyone
EdgeMaster: …


I've only played sekiro once/twice, different endings, at release


i mean the bell demon debuff from senpou temple


ye i figured, but y would i use that first time playing ?_?


2x the item drop rate and it doesn't really make the game harder
i just disable it before bosses


image reading guides on how to min-max in a singleplayer game lmoa


nigger i'm swimming in items now and pwn the shit out of every boss


you need to read stuff if you want to understand the lore and not miss any secret areas etc


File: 1663866612424.mp4 (128.4 KB, 540x360, cock cunning in the woods.mp4) ImgOps Google iqdb

reading guides for singleplayer games instead of figuring out stuff on your own actual big lol


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
me watch


File: 1663866721193.mp4 (948.54 KB, 540x360, ''blæærgh''.mp4) ImgOps Google iqdb

>b-but what if i miss an estus shard!!


not guides that's way too boring
just videos like "how to find the secret hirata estate area"


nigger probably hasn't even found the raptor of the mists prosthetic


do you mean mist raven in sekiro or the elden ring raptor of the mists?

i found mist raven by just exploring


yeah that one
same but it took a lot of tries to kill the purple guy
i could only do it after two prayer necklaces


nantes the type of nigga to look up strategy guides vs bosses lol



Started "playing" mgs revengeance

Gd damn will never understand what people see in this gooks games
Cutscene after cutscene, play for a few minutes, more cutscenes, quick time event, cutscene
Only @ second chapter but already thinking of uninstall

Was hoping for some interesting melee combat a la sekiro but combat is very lame in comparison


souls series are gook games too


Ye but I mean that overrated mgs gook
They're all more cutscenes than gameplay, and the gameplay is ass


File: 1663879152798.jpg (156.51 KB, 893x707, 1657219748839.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


so you just focus the enemy, hold dodge all the time until they are standing still and attack them when they are parrying?

combat just feels like a rhythm game


Dodge spamming and jumping around might work early game but it's better to parry so you break their poise or what's it called


It is a rythm game
But don't hold parry you need to get perfect parries to fill up the execution gauge press parry when he is about to hit you


lady butterfly pwned
shishimen warrior and gun fortress next


having to be careful and learn the moves is what makes it nice
also the area design and architecture is epic
so far i rate it 10/10 same level as dark souls 1 remastered


File: 1663948642599.jpg (1.24 MB, 4624x3472, 16639479742514249235013135….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

We lan
I downloaded sekiro on a friend's computer
He's only played cs and other multi-player games but I'm gonna force him to git gud


getting le gf to play either dark souls 2 or bloodborne tomorrow will report in for the lulz

Familiarity breeds contempt.


don't mind failing and dying over and over again but getting punished for it is not my cup of tea

also combat feels uninspired and more like a dance revolution game

yeah think im uninstalling


I am all for challenging video games with bosses that are tough as nails that require you to devise strategies, use consumables, and master the fundementals of the game's mechanics,

but punishing players over and over again for failing is just a bad decision, that's what real life is for


you can safeguard your money by buying sen purses from merchants
also you won't have much of it left once you start paying for upgrades and stuff
you can revive if you get killed and just leave if it's too hardcore


did mother forget to change diapers or what is



loyal omar, take my gort and tube again




Its the best action game


tubers bone twice


pwned genichiro
absolutely epic fight
i tried shadowrushing him at first but it's much more fun to parry all his hits and mikiri counter


Ye it's epic
You need to have all the basics down to beat him, really well designed boss


damn corrupted monk was hardcore


o'rin pwned
corrupted monk pwned
headless ape pwned
owl pwned

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