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me putting the dog in the train tracks

Life is the application of noble and profound ideas to life.
― Matthew Arnold


We must shovel them.


i don't see comments on youtube shorts


They can be seen.


faith in humanity = restored


I see, i had to edit the url to the old format.


smiley (and women in the comments) being a gullible retard as always. think about that. you just proved yet again you have the critical thinking skills of women lmao.

>it's two videos of the same view overlayed. He filmed the dog scene and the train coming separately. Someone already debunked this pointing out the shadow changes proving its combining two slightly different times of day. Disgusting what people do for praise.

>Analize: the chain was too loose, a wicked guy would of tied realy good, to make this disgrace happen. And, ¿Why would his "friend cameraman" be placed on a perfect angle to shoot it all? The "Crappy Hero" knew exactly how the chain was, and just fliped it aside. In a real situation he would be strugglig with the knots on the chain. If they would realy be casualy passing by, nobody would of had the time to take a vídeo of it. SO…🤔👨‍🎤?🤢🤮
>The camera man just happened to be there at the right time


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