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Ah yes, Serbia the "remover" of kebab and one of the few nations in Europe without its own culture, a rogue state of the balkans

>spent almost all of its medieval existence as a vassal of byzantium without any notable achievements

>entire medieval heraldry borrowed from byzantium
>''their' cyrillic script was created and spread by bulgarians
>had an 'empire that didn't even last a single generation, left no notable traces or built anything of significance
>medieval core of the serbian state formerly known as raška now more popularly known as Sandžak, given its name by turks
>medieval core of serbian state is now majority refugee
>betrayed each other at the battle of kosovo
>betrayed crusaders in crusade of varna at a key moment in battle against turks dooming the entire balkan peninsula
>later fought extensively on the side of the turks
>serbia's main exports are bottled albanian cum, pedophiles, and shit-eating champions
>230.000 registered refugees in serbia (excluding kosovo)
>150.000 registered gypsies in serbia, third largest ethnic group in the country
>spent half a millenia under turkish occupation
>over 8.000 turkish words in the serbian language
>got rid of the turkish occupaiton only after centuries of internal strife inside the ottoman empire and with extensive help from other countries
>first serbian dictionary came to existence only in the 19th century
>chimped out 4 times in the 90's larping as crusaders, manage to lose each war
>kill a few thousand refugees but still lose kosovo to them, another center of medieval serbia
>kill a few thousand catholics and banish several hundred thousand from bosnia
>destroyed and looted over 300 catholic religious objects in the wars of the 90s throughout bosnia, serbia and croatia including monasteries, graveyards, churches that survived the ottoman invasions
>have to act as russian cockholders and use them as leverage for politics because they have made enemies from everyone in europe

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