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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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Taking girlfriend applications: xxxedgemasterxxx@proton.me


edgemaster do you still have feelings for anique? do you still love they/them?


who's asking?





She was never in love with me, but I genuinely loved her


Manipulate that bitch


Get revenge for the way she treated you.


It's time to go all out
Just this once



>when a severely mentally ill obese 16 y/o with self-esteem issues does not consider you to be a catch
we live in a society


Giving up isn't Sigma behaviour
Make her pay


Perhaps your type of girl is predisposed to mental illness, bpd, and subsequently unable to consider partners rationally?


let me think


consider partners rationally


Bruh his type is who ever he can get, you saw what an epic fail his tinder was


his tinder matches were good though

he seeks out bpd girls cus it conforms to his fetish


Or they make the first move 🤷‍♂️


>Bruh his type is who ever he can get
I'm quite picky
I'd message someone first if they seem like my type


it's over
at least I'm going to graduate with honours / distinction (equivalent of 4.0 GPA)


>I'm quite picky
theres ur problem son


>theres ur problem son
Not going to put effort into dating someone who isn't my type


whats ur type


very feminine / girly, to summarize


do you want to talk about it?


16 year old fat bpd girl fits that?


There's not much more to say about it

bpd girls are often very feminine

I want a girl who is a princess / diva


maybe u can get her back if u apologize to her.


lmao apologize for what
she should apologize to me


for being a creepy inceru


I don’t remember making this thread.

P sure it was someone else my dude Vaseline.


>I want a girl who is a princess / diva


you and me,
let's become business partners,
and start a dating agency for Western incels and Russian females)



I prefer No Agency New York


File: 1669472501046.jpg (120.04 KB, 627x757, brainless retard cowboy.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb



you're looking for women to conform to your macabre fetishes, and wonder why you can't find stable, sane women


>macabre fetishes
<I want a girl who is a princess / diva
k den



why can't i be attracted to femininity lmao

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