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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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Gonna smoke weed for the first time soon


awesome, indica or sativa? albanian or *shudders*…. s*rbian?


idk man
A lot of seniors smoke weed so I asked a friend about it and he said he can get me some.


you're about to become a true gamer



Did you even drink a beers yet?


bombay been hittin' the club every weekend since he turned 18


I can but I haven't yet.


shit sucks


Then why did you do it for a year


I suck



smoked weed for a year


Why dude? Why now? Don't you think maybe I'm a cautionary tale? Actually wait you know what, you're a pajeet, go ahead and smoke weed and make sure it's some shitty high THC stuff and that you never learn how to get any of the benefits of low-temp and so on.


Indica and Sativa are arbitrary classifications.


bombay anon isn't a pajeet, he's brahmin


He's only 18?

This will tube him even worse. In Canada they say you should be 25 before you start doing it.


I wonder if I can mail my four remaining vapes to Bombai anon. Probably not.


File: 1679180613066-0.mp4 (1.84 MB, 854x480, 1658688316361.mp4) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1679180613066-1.mp4 (6.92 MB, 854x480, 1660662822271.mp4) ImgOps Google iqdb

Enjoy your mental health issues.


täby, why do you refuse to cop some reefer and link up with me and hägersten and toke it together? would be really good for you i think


File: 1679183741134-0.png (51.11 KB, 1264x222, loony bin.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1679183741134-1.png (127.99 KB, 2427x652, hallucinations.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I recommend you stop using marijuana.


Here are ways you can use weed Mumbai anon:

1. To relax.

Can you relax already? Then don't bother.

2. To sleep.

Can you sleep already? Then don't bother.

3. To manage pain.

Do you have no pain/injuries? Then don't bother.

4. To forget traumas, forget your own name, forget everything.

Not plagued with horrible memories and thoughts? Then don't bother.

5. To become more sensitive to everything both good and bad.

Worth it but you will have to become a hermit and avoid everyone or nearly everyone and everything will be amplified, pain and pleasure, everything will be much more intense. You will not be able to live a normal life.

Why do you want to use weed?

Also if you're going to use it get edibles so you don't fuck your lungs and get bronchitis like me.


Post a picture of your hand I need to determine how white you are to see whether I should be giving you good advice or encouraging you down the slippery slope.


Täbban vafan, vi har ju känt varandra i nästan 10 år, varför ghostar du mig på detta viset?


File: 1679185725856.png (415.73 KB, 936x518, loony bin swede.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Does taby appear when you forget your meds? Is he the manifestation of your suppressed childhood trauma?


kan du inte berätta lite om dig själv? vad arbetade din pappa med? hur länge har du hängt på nätet? vad jobbar du med?


I'm not going to Google Translate your schizo babble.


tycker du det svenska språket är "schizo babble"? nej nu får du allt ta och lägga av


It's clear why you were institutionalized for a year.


vilken anledning är det då?


I don't understand loony bin language. Speak English.


asså jag hatar när du är på det här viset Täbban

jaja… why do you think swedish language is a "Loony bin" language?


Did you see taby in your padded room when you were in the loony bin? I bet they forced you to drink Seroquel through a straw.


watch out for psychosis.


why do you slander me
Im an untouchable


im tar black


wtf is it that serious
very common with engineering students here I've heard so don't think it will be that dangerous


The first time I smoked weed it was ok, but after that, each time I partook I would get increasingly intense psychotic symptoms. First paranoia, then later auditory and visual hallucinations.


Psychosis is based but you need to understand how to control and use thoughtforms, how to perceive correctly, how to differentiate between things, etc. otherwise you will enter into the worst part of psychosis: delusion. As long as you can avoid the delusion part of psychosis, you can use it like a super power, but are you prepared for that?


(or volume 8 of https://www.yogebooks.com/english/atkinson/1922personalpower.pdf)

Become very familiar with this.

I have some videos also uploaded on youtube that are unlisted because I never wanted to post them on mintboard if you want to see how fucked up psychosis is.


Have you ever experienced parts of your mind acting independent of your will? Have you ever experienced your own hands and legs and muscles being controlled by something else? Do you know also that the only way I got through this so well in the psych ward was because of my occult knowledge, because if I had panicked and started to engage in fear thought, those fears would have blown up instantly and manifested in very powerful ways and sent me to hell very fast. You have to be very calm even as parts of your mind act independent of you, calmly observing a storm of thoughts rushing through your mind and becoming intensely amplified, calm while you flop around on the ground and the security guards drag you into a room to keep you safe, etc. are you prepared to deal with this? If you are then eventually you can start to program the experience. You also need a very clear mind to begin with a good state of mind, because everything in your mind will blow up and manifest very fast, and you want a good starting conditions so that whatever takes form it will be something beautiful. If someone disturbs you even by accident with an off-putting comment or who just talks the wrong way to you or whatever too this can seriously fuck you. You may act out the suggestions of other people both good or bad. It's very important that you don't be around the wrong people at the wrong time and that you eventually learn to fix your aura so there are filters, because this shit rips holes in your aura, and makes you capable of doing incredible things you'd never normally do whether that's thinking at a higher level, performing feats of physical strength or balance or singing, etc. you can do amazing things. You should also read the volume about the subconscious in personal power and the first volume about the self.

You don't listen the worst outcome is you'll be plagued by delusions and you'll do regrettable things and you will go down a downward spiral of madness, terror, and self-destruction. If you do manage to pull things off right though you will be massively increased IQ, able to visualize things perfectly, rapid learning, etc. incredible mind powers.

Also despite everything I fucked up my thermoregulation. Maybe some suggestions or ideas lodged in my mind that fucked it. So be prepared for nausea, or vomiting, or spasms, or not being able to remain at proper temperature, or other shit if you accidentally program it in or others suggestions end up programming it into you.

When you relax, even without drugs, you are in a more suggestible state where you can program the subconscious. Weed relaxes you and makes it all the more intense how open your mind becomes; feedback loops between your conscious and subconscious become intensified and other peoples thoughts and suggestions lodge in you very easily.


The way most of you all are though you probably just dismiss me even though it's all very reasonable.

Like maybe you think thoughtforms aren't real and there aren't people who can see holograms in their mind, or you think visualization is not real, or the subconscious is not real, or whatever.

Well it's all real and anyone who studies psychology knows it.

You should be very prepared to deal with your mind if you're going to use weed otherwise you're just setting yourself up for failure.


vaped HHC yesterday, got super stoned

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