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fresh cum from the sunwood mint
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Post your room.


im homeless


Where are you living right now?


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If you were in Canada I could help you… are you aware of whatever is available in your area to help you?

In Europe they have laws against turning off the electricity to abandoned places so you can probably find a bunker or other abandoned place to go live in and still have electricity.

I don't know if they have can collection or whatever or maybe you can beg (I can never beg, something in me stops me from doing it) and get yourself the essentials for homeless living which are… wet wipes… a portable heater… a portable induction stove… do you have walmarts in Europe?


shack in vitosha mountains
send help im freezing


I don't know anything about how Albania works. When you are homeless in Albania who do you turn to? What do you do?



I am freezing too.

I don't know how to send help to you.

You'll need to find a friend or something to use as an address too for the package… and it would take me so long to send it… what you need is one of those suits that work for -40 or more extreme… maybe I can get you one somehow? Where in your area do they sell them and for how much?


>Albania has a population of 2.8 million people, according to data published at the start of 2021. Since the fall of communism in 1991 nearly 40% of Albania’s population has left the country.

>Cities, towns and villages are experiencing a constant exodus, and there are now “ghost towns” across the country. Kukësi in the north of Albania has seen more than 53% of its citizens leave. The cities of Shkodra, Fieri, Durrësi and Vlorë have each lost more than 15% of their population in the past ten years. Several villages have seen massive numbers leave, from Narta in the south of the country to Zogaj in the north.


There's a ton of homelessness in Albania.


life is hard on the albania


How can I help you?


Amazon gift cards


I’m homeless so I don’t have a room like you do


Okay so describe to me how you survive? Where do you hang out?


i couchsurf and live at my parents
thank you for your offer of help, but I think ALBANON needs it more than me



Any comments on my room pictures? What you guys think of it?


I tipped the RCMP about the amount of guns and ammunition.


What does it matter how much guns or ammo I have?




how could you afford all those guns?


Here's a hint.

Is everything in the room around you right now all things you own or do some objects in the room belong to other people who share the house/building you're currently in?

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