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What if i like miyazaki movies


I watched tons of them when I grew up


which one is your fav


Bible black


Will watching anime and reading manga negatively affect the grindset? If yes then count me out:~/


King, I'm quite sure it'll increase the Grindest productivity. You see, you have to relax at times, then you can use Anime. They'll say the other thing, but let me tell you: They are just too Weak and let Anime to completely overtake their minds, the Devll has written 666 on them. But if you'll grind no matter what Anime will make you much stronger, you'll become a CEO like Son Goku in no time.

Rated: 9/10

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ban everyone on this board


You can't ban Anime.

Rated: 9/10

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king tube


Been wanting to get back into anime. Is there any good non incel anime you guys know?


all anime is for incels sorry


Read FX Senshi Kurumi-chan and nothing more


Anime and not incel? I take you are merely acting at the moment?

Rated: 9/10


Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

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is RWBY anime


Because Ajin was Anime, RWBY is also Anime. But it gets an insignificant Anime point reduction because it's 3D.
Conclusion: RWBY is 95% Anime.

Rated: 5.5/10

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Is monero chan anime?


what she sniffing


Money laundering and illegal financial activities is proudly Anime, so Monero-chan is fully Anime.
Conclusion: 100% Anime.
Grinded orange peel

Rated: 6.5/10

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File: 1660663313981.jpg (617.1 KB, 960x1280, 5550107 - 585c15f91ffb1aa0….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

>Black people superiority-ism, White people are blue-eyed lower-devils
You sure about dat?

Rated: 8.5/10

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