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"Earth is a retard containment zone for the psychically impaired"
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Fire in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA?
Northwest of fdl wi usa 54935.
Bemis? My mother caused it at her workplace?
Has been ruining the building for years?
She has.
All of it.
Incinerator, and everything else.
Will mess with and ruin anything and everything.
Darcey Klotzbach will, and did.
The whole time, Darcey was messing up the building(s), her job(s), serial killing and serial raping and serial abusing, and messing up other places in Oshkosh, and other cities and other locations.
The Stretch of fdl wi usa 54935, and other buildings and places.
Giddings & Lewis, too, of fdl wi usa 54935.

And she's involved in creating and spreading the coronavirus and other viruses and things, and so is Doctor Michael Kenneth Schneider, and many other people and other individuals.
I'm not involved.
Never committed a crime.
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Strangler wings.


For the rape of vagina?



Do you have any experience with psychic phenomena?


Freewill is such a misnomer. We have a will but our will is bounded to desires with the dominant desire always winning in any given moment. As such our being is formulaic, understandable, predictable. Random action is incompatible with the concept of choice, choice only exists in a deterministic system, so if something happens randomly then it's not a choice it's just random. So people who say we can act in an acausal manner and that's proof of freewill they are wrong. The other concept of freewill is acting from intrinsic motives unmoved by any outside influences; in that case only "The All" is free, since outside of The All (God) there is nothing, so The All must act entirely according to pure will. In other words god is the reason, and is not compelled, motivated, or moved by anything external to itself (since there is nothing external to God aka The All). I'm talking here about first cause. The final argument in favour of "free will" in humans is the notion a human will can initiate a causal chain. There are various arguments for this which I reject, there is only one line of reasoning however that could lead some credence to the idea of human will being involved in first causes, which is that the human will is an expression of the cosmic (or universal) will, and since that cosmic will is free from outside influences (the "free" part of "free will") then some argue that the human will attains freedom by its participation in cosmic will. The idea expressed in the Bible of "not my will be done, but yours" is actually an expression of the attainment of freewill. The idea is that if you deny your own will and seek to do the will of "the father" only you become free, you attain freedom in this way. I counter this however with the fact that doing something outside of the will of the cosmic will is absurd, how could one will something apart from the cosmic will? I think people cling to the notion of free will for emotional reasons or because they don't really understand the nuances of the philosophical debate around it. I recommend you read a book called The Arcane Teachings because it talks about all the different concepts of fate, determinism, predeterminism, etc. and systematically defines and explains each one and leads you to an ultimate conclusion about how things actually work.


the supreme Buddha mentioned 31 planes of realities that exist relative to the observers. According to him, the mind lives between two arising and dissolving moments. So likely, there are two invisible moments between the observation of the living moment that anything can exist. According to the Buddhist explanations, it seems that the lifetime of a matter zone/unit is equal to 16 + 1/3 mind moments. And the mind moment continues to another matter zone after the 16th mind moment. And perhaps, the next matter zone of the previous matter zone appears/arises after the 17 mind moment. So likely, the matter zones live for 16 mind moments and disappear for 1 mind moment as a cyclic process. According to Abhidhamma, there are ultimate realities called Paramartha (Paramount) Dhamma. But those realities are forms of emptiness:

1.) Matter/Rupa (4 great fundamental forms + 24 derived material forms)

ii.) Cetasika/Chaitasika (52 Mental Factors/fields of emotions)

iii.) Citta (mind moment)

iv.) Nibbana (timeless/unconditioned/disappeared state/moment)

The absolute truths/realities are deeper/fundamental modern science. And the Buddha explained how those realities cause the mind to move into many different realms of existence.

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Mysterious object washes up on japanese beach. What could it be?


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Sir, this is a schizophrenic board, not a /bitch/ board.


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>when you worship Eris all your life and everything just gets really chaotic…

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Disregard women, jobs, status, and whatever else worldly bullshit. Meditate.


She's doing it again.


Fuck women, create jobs, increase your status and meditate.


Today I was feeling a cold feeling in my head and I concentrated in my body and moved my focus around up and down through my body and actually managed to change the heat in my body and to produce very strong lucid state and feel energy everywhere all at once throughout my whole body.


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