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"Earth is a retard containment zone for the psychically impaired"
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If you ever hear any preaching from someone consider the following: Is what is being said fear-mongering?

First of all I insist that men should act indifferent to punishment and reward. One should do what is intrinsically right and not only be conformed to set of rules because they fear the consequences of breaking those rules. If a god wanted anything of you that was immoral it would be your duty to disobey that god and if that god then torments you well so be it, nobility and sacrifice are the highest virtues. A man who obeys is a dog, a man who lives in harmony with law is a master.

Men should also not be so full of hubris as to believe that the absolute is like onto themselves and full of wants and desires and that it will reward certain behaviors and punish others. This is absurdly anthropomorphic and self-obsessed. God has nothing outside of himself to want and no need to do anything. Everything that god does, god does because it's the nature of god, and god is not a person at all; but is rather the law; fixed, unchanging, invariable, etc. nothing like a personality which is only an emanation or likeness or reflection of god.

We should realize that when we smile, the universe smiles. When we suffer, the universe suffers with us. We are not apart from the all, we matter just like every cell in our body matters, in one sense we're as insignificant as any one cell; and yet as long as we are functioning in harmony in a way that benefits the universal body we live in then we love and are loved for the important role we play in the whole.

There is no need for fear, for suffering, for ignorance, for struggle. The ideal life is one in which struggle is replaced by flow and calm observation. We are not our bodies and minds and must only direct these two things to do the work we want them to and then to sit back and watch, beliving in our success, and letting the perfect form be worked out. When at first our movements, thoughts, and actions are like the flailing of a baby it is not surprise but if we let the algorithm run wour mind and body quickly learn and become perfectly coordinated.

Hell has been our own making by our believing in all the things that make life hell. We can have heaven here and now if we but throw off thoughts of fear from ourselves and replace them with thoughts of love.

LisTen @ 1488 gHZ IGoriAn ChANTS,,,,,,,,,m,,,,,,,,,,,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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