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What if you ran into one of Freya's exes?
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Telepathy Training


How to actually develop telepathy. Like the actual practice.
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Skeptical Psychic

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hey schizos feel free to post esoteric shid on boatchan
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Development Methods.

Concentration. In the first place, the student should cultivate the faculty of Concentration, that is the power to hold the attention upon an object for some time. Very few persons possess this power, although they may think they do. The best way to develop Concentration is to practice on some familiar and common object, such as a pencil, book, ornament, etc. Take up the object and study it in detail, forcing the mind to examine and consider it in every part, until every detail of the object has been observed and noted. Then lay the object aside, and a few hours after pick it up again and repeat the process, and you will be surprised to see how many points you have missed on the first trial. Repeat this until you feel that you have exhausted your object. The next day take up another object, and repeat the process. A drill of this kind will not only greatly develop the powers of Perception, but will also strengthen your powers of Concentration in a manner which will be of great value to you in Occult Development.

Visualizing. The second point of development for the student, is the development of the faculty of Visualization. In order to Visualize you must cultivate the faculty of forming Mental Pictures of distant scenes, places, people, etc., until you can summon them before you at will, when you place yourself in the proper mental condition. Another plan is to place yourself in a comfortable position, and then make a mental journey to some place that you have previously visited. Prepare for the journey, and then mentally see yourself starting on your trip; then seeing all the intermediate places and points; then arriving at your destination and visiting the points of interest, etc.; and then returning home. Then, later try to visit places that you have never seen, in the same way. This is not Clairvoyance, but is a training of the mental faculties for the exercise of the real power.

Psychometry. After you have developed yourself along the lines of Concentration, and Visualization as above stated, you may begin to practice Psychometry, as follows: Take a lock of hair; or handkerchief; or ribbon; or ring; belonging to some other person, and then press it against your forehead, lightly, closing your eyes, and assuming a receptive and passive mental state. Then desire calmly that you Psychometrize the past history of the object. Do not be in too much of a hurry, but await calmly the impressions. After a while you will begin to receive impressions concerning the person owning the object pressed against your forehead. You will form a mental picture of the person, and will soon begin to receive impressions about hicharacteristics, etc. You may practice with a number of objects, at different times, and will gradually develop the Psychometric power by such practice and experiments. Remember that you are developing what is practically a new sense and must have perseverance and patience in educating and unfolding it.

Another form of Psychometric development is that of tracing the past history, surroundings, etc., of metals, minerals, etc. The process is identical to that just described. The mineral is pressed against the forehead, and with closed eyes the person awaits the Psychometric impression. Some who have highly developed the faculty have been able to describe the veins of mineral, metal, etc., and to give much valuable information regarding same, all arising from the psychic clue afforded by a sample of the rock. mineral, metal, etc. There are other cases of record, in which underground streams of water have been discovered by Psychometrists, by means of the clue given by a bit of earth, stone, etc., from the surface. In this, as in the other phase mentioned, practice, practice, practice, is the summing up of the instruction regarding development.

Crystal Gazing. We consider the use of the Crystal, Glass Ball, or other forms of what the ancients called “The Magic Mirror,” to be the best plan of developing Psychomantic Power. As we have already explained, this method serves to focus the concentrated desire, will, and thought of the person, and thereby becomes the starting point for the Astral Tube, of which we have frequently spoken in this work. The student becoming proficient in this class of phenomena, passes by easy, gradual and natural stages to the higher and more complex phases of the subject. The “Magic Mirror” (of which the Crystal is but a form) was used by the ancient Occultists in developing the powers of their students, and in all countries, and in all ages, it has played a similar part in the process of developing psychic powers, and serving as a focal point for the erection and operation of the Astral Tube, Psychomancy and other forms of occult and psychic phenomena.
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Everything is a grind on this server and extremely unbalanced and it's very pay-to-win. I've been playing for a few weeks now and just giving it 5 star reviews before but I want to write an actual review now. First of all, it's a huge grind just to get netherite gear, and get good enchants for it… then it's taken from you in seconds in a battle. Then they have made it so you can't really farm animals and no entities just spawn in and redstone doesn't work, instead you have to buy these mob grinders the you can stack up to 50 times, and which cost way too much… but you can only buy from the tier you're in. So first tier is chickens and endermite, and it took me weeks to buy 50 chicken mob spawners, and three times they were stolen before I could kill the 10 thousand chickens needed to get to the next tier. The next tier is even worse, each mob spawner costs double what they did, and you have to kill 20 thousand cows or pigs. This then repeats again and again but worse each with mob tier. This is not fun at all just sitting there all day long killing the same mob, having to repair you netherite sword with unbreaking and flame and all multiple times because it's so many mobs you have to kill, this is completely mindless. Now on top of all this they have these things called runes. Runes are incredibly hard to get if you don't pay real money for them; you have to either fish for them, or by a rune off of the auction where they will cost at least 100k because players sell them expensive, and then most of the time these insanely expensive runes do not apply to your tool and there's even a chance that trying to apply the rune will cause your tool to disappear. I've tried getting greedy greens rune, an essential rune to make money, like three times and have it fail all three times. I had it apply once but someone came out of nowhere and killed me before I could put my greedy greens hoe into my enderchest so I lost all of that and now I struggle to make money from my crops in my sugarcane skyscraper. I tried to build an automated pumpkin farm once just to find pistons can't break blocks and it was the smallest possible size farm too but cost me like 20k or more to make, buying the redstone stuff costs a ton even if you save yourself money by buying the components and then making it, and it doesn't even work. The server is laggy all the time and it's dominated by a single faction that has completely overpowered gear and more members, and all the lesser factions have no hope of catching up. I used to play factions years ago when there was no netherite, no enchants (eventually enchants were added but you didn't have to worry about multiple levels of enchants), and none of this other stuff you have to no-life grind for all day… and it was fun. It didn't take all that much time to get diamond tools, armor, and weapons and just PVP. Now with the way Minecraft has changed, and the way this server is set up to make it all even worse, everything is an endless grind and player skill matters not at all. Aside from all this there's a ton of stupid stuff on this server like chunk busters (I've used them to clear out entire chunks many times now), fly time (I've got like 4 hours of fly time right now), roaming (it's actually really cool but it costs you nothing to use and it basically lets you astral project from your character and see through everything like a built-in x-raying they added to the server), modified creepers you can buy from the shop to break open peoples chests, etc. If you're going to play this server I suggest you use votelinks and dailies to get free experience and money, then you build a cactus farm not a sugarcane farm like me even though sugarcane farm makes you more money if you have greedy grunes the cactus farm can be automated by using fences and water (no redstone contraptions) and you can use a hopper and chest and just sit there fishing all day for runes while the cactus come to you automatically… that is best way to make money… also people get banned on this server for saying mere words which is retarded, even people who've paid real money in order to get ahead I've seen them get banned, it's not fair to their freedom of speech that they can be banned for saying any word. I feel like I'm in the "sunken cost fallacy" stage of playing on this server where I've spent so much time that I don't want to just quit now but really I'm not having fun, the whole way this server is set up is really bad because the add-ons should decrease grind not make it more extensive, and you won't get to have any fun pvping because the battles aren't decided by skill they're decided by who has the better gear. If the people who run this server are reading I suggest you actively take steps to decrease the grind and decrease the imbalance between top-gear players and lowest-gear players. This server advertises itself as zero lag but that's a huge lie. Factions also is not up to date with 1.19. Only reason I give this server 2 stars instead of 1 is at least they are so incompetent that most of the time players can say whatever they want because the jannies are sleeping / not online so that's pretty good, at least I get a laugh out of seeing kids saying power words in the chat lol.

A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you
will look forward to the trip.
― Caskie Stinnett
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Regardless of all this, William Fitzgerald Grant will be punished.
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My quote for this board?

Fire in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA?
Northwest of fdl wi usa 54935.
Bemis? My mother caused it at her workplace?
Has been ruining the building for years?
She has.
All of it.
Incinerator, and everything else.
Will mess with and ruin anything and everything.
Darcey Klotzbach will, and did.
The whole time, Darcey was messing up the building(s), her job(s), serial killing and serial raping and serial abusing, and messing up other places in Oshkosh, and other cities and other locations.
The Stretch of fdl wi usa 54935, and other buildings and places.
Giddings & Lewis, too, of fdl wi usa 54935.

And she's involved in creating and spreading the coronavirus and other viruses and things, and so is Doctor Michael Kenneth Schneider, and many other people and other individuals.
I'm not involved.
Never committed a crime.
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Freewill is such a misnomer. We have a will but our will is bounded to desires with the dominant desire always winning in any given moment. As such our being is formulaic, understandable, predictable. Random action is incompatible with the concept of choice, choice only exists in a deterministic system, so if something happens randomly then it's not a choice it's just random. So people who say we can act in an acausal manner and that's proof of freewill they are wrong. The other concept of freewill is acting from intrinsic motives unmoved by any outside influences; in that case only "The All" is free, since outside of The All (God) there is nothing, so The All must act entirely according to pure will. In other words god is the reason, and is not compelled, motivated, or moved by anything external to itself (since there is nothing external to God aka The All). I'm talking here about first cause. The final argument in favour of "free will" in humans is the notion a human will can initiate a causal chain. There are various arguments for this which I reject, there is only one line of reasoning however that could lead some credence to the idea of human will being involved in first causes, which is that the human will is an expression of the cosmic (or universal) will, and since that cosmic will is free from outside influences (the "free" part of "free will") then some argue that the human will attains freedom by its participation in cosmic will. The idea expressed in the Bible of "not my will be done, but yours" is actually an expression of the attainment of freewill. The idea is that if you deny your own will and seek to do the will of "the father" only you become free, you attain freedom in this way. I counter this however with the fact that doing something outside of the will of the cosmic will is absurd, how could one will something apart from the cosmic will? I think people cling to the notion of free will for emotional reasons or because they don't really understand the nuances of the philosophical debate around it. I recommend you read a book called The Arcane Teachings because it talks about all the different concepts of fate, determinism, predeterminism, etc. and systematically defines and explains each one and leads you to an ultimate conclusion about how things actually work.
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the supreme Buddha mentioned 31 planes of realities that exist relative to the observers. According to him, the mind lives between two arising and dissolving moments. So likely, there are two invisible moments between the observation of the living moment that anything can exist. According to the Buddhist explanations, it seems that the lifetime of a matter zone/unit is equal to 16 + 1/3 mind moments. And the mind moment continues to another matter zone after the 16th mind moment. And perhaps, the next matter zone of the previous matter zone appears/arises after the 17 mind moment. So likely, the matter zones live for 16 mind moments and disappear for 1 mind moment as a cyclic process. According to Abhidhamma, there are ultimate realities called Paramartha (Paramount) Dhamma. But those realities are forms of emptiness:

1.) Matter/Rupa (4 great fundamental forms + 24 derived material forms)

ii.) Cetasika/Chaitasika (52 Mental Factors/fields of emotions)

iii.) Citta (mind moment)

iv.) Nibbana (timeless/unconditioned/disappeared state/moment)

The absolute truths/realities are deeper/fundamental modern science. And the Buddha explained how those realities cause the mind to move into many different realms of existence.
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Mysterious object washes up on japanese beach. What could it be?

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>when you worship Eris all your life and everything just gets really chaotic…
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Meditation is the only real happiness

Disregard women, jobs, status, and whatever else worldly bullshit. Meditate.
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Today I was feeling a cold feeling in my head and I concentrated in my body and moved my focus around up and down through my body and actually managed to change the heat in my body and to produce very strong lucid state and feel energy everywhere all at once throughout my whole body.
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8 Limbs of Yoga

Yogic practice is comprised of eight types or "limbs" of discipline. They were first codified by Patanjali, who compiled his Yoga Sutras in the fifth or sixth century B.C., based upon the teachings of various Yoga sects. The eight disciplines are:

(l) Yama (abstention from evil conduct)
(2) Niyama (virtuous conduct)
(3) Asana (physical postures)
(4) Pranayama (regulation of the breath)
(5) Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses)
(6) Dharana (concentration)
(7) Dhyana (meditation)
(8) Samadhi (union of subject and object)
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@dlblair The so called "supernatural" is by definition not even capable of interaction with the world of phenomena. If something happens in this world it's natural, it's a part of nature. How would you demonstrate psychic abilities to someone? I really want to know this, I've been asking the creator of this channel to make a video on it for quite awhile now, and he hasn't made a video yet. I would rather you teach him that he needs to be a critical thinker and to not accept ANYTHING on authority. What you are teaching is not skepticism at all, it's blind faith in materialist doctrines that exclude the powers of the mind. True skepticism is a double-edged sword that assumes nothing and tests everything. Channels like this one only demonstrate that all psychic phenomena can be faked; either through editing, or through tricks, etc. so the only real conclusion we can come to after knowing this is that psychic abilities can NOT be demonstrated since you would in practice not be able to tell apart the real deal from the fake. Just like how in the second world war the surveillance planes couldn't tell the inflatable balloon tanks on the ground weren't real but it doesn't mean actual tanks aren't a thing. So you know what's my conclusion about psychic abilities? Well one decade ago, when I was 20 years old, a man demonstrated for me something called remote viewing. At that time I was an ignorant nihilist who hated and mocked religions (I still mock religions) and didn't care for philosophy or anything spiritual (and I still hate much of what is passed off as "spiritual"). Anyways I was posting at that time on an anonymous imageboard dedicated to politics and for that imageboard there was an IRC chat which was mostly for talking with the moderators about your bans. I was posting on that board about politics and being an edgy kid and this guy told me to get into the IRC and that he would PM me, he went by the acronym "JSG" on there. Once I was in the chat (remember, this is all text-based, and I would like to add that at the time I had no webcam that could be hacked nor a microphone that could be listened to, these were old computers not like today) he told me to write down 5 numbers at random and that he would tell me all the 5 numbers. I ignored his command and instead wrote down 6 numbers, each one between 2 to 3 digits long, on a paper he could never see because there were no webcams to hack and he's in a different country. He then immediately told me all 6 numbers I wrote and in the correct order, a feat that is statistically impossible by just guessing. At that point I reacted with "how did you do this" and "this is bullshit, this is not possible" and was shocked. He then told me about something called montalk and something called project gateway and something called the kybalion. I was irrationally sure that what he just did had to be a trick but at the same time completely fascinated and went and studied the montalk site and started reading all these books that are recommended on there and branching out from there. I became obsessed and stopped posting about what I used to post about all the time (far-right politics) and at some point ended up making a new board called /fringe/ for studying the fringe of human knowledge where me and likeminded anons would share occult books and medical studies and anything that could help to understand psychic phenomena. I have since then read well over a few thousand books on occultism and philosophy, investigated all the religions, read many books on critical thinking and self-improvement and memorization and how to avoid cognitive biases and so on, anything that could help me improve the clarity and power of my mind. Of all the many different authors I've read William Walker Atkinson is by far the best. And anyways, a few years after my initial exposure to that one demonstration of remote viewing, I eventually had enough theory to do my own experiments. I started to do coordinate remote viewing on anonymous imageboards and some other sites too, I'd have random people just give me coordinates and nothing else, and then I'd go into trance for about an hour and come back and tell them the results of what I'd seen no matter how absurd whatever I saw was. What kept happening is that I would, to my great surprise, get incredibly accurate and detailed results according to the testimony of the people I did this for. Even at this point, being skeptical as ever, I was wondering if the people were deceiving me as a joke so I'd make people give me coordinates and make sure they actually could provide me with photos afterwards of the room, buildings, sites, etc. that I'd remote view and then I could see for myself they weren't lying to me; I'd end up seeing just what I saw in the remote viewing. At that point I knew for certain I was not in some kind of delusion nor was I being deceived by people giving me false feedback. Just to be clear too; my remote viewings were really detailed and correct, no distortions at all even though in the literature you can read up on it it's not uncommon for someone to get mixed impressions. I'd get the small and unlikely details correct, I would talk about how a dog's fur looked both texture and color and where it was sitting in the room, I'd tell the color of the hair of the person, I'd tell what kind of tree was outside the windows (like evergreens), the colors of the walls, etc. and get every single detail in the scene correct. This would then shock these people and cause them to also want to investigate this phenomena too, or in some cases to turn into religious maniacs who just think it's all evil and just react with fear to it all. Anyways these days I'm mostly investigating any kind of phenomena that involves physical changes. I already know the mind can perceive things through ESP, but can it influence things that are physical? So I'm trying to learn telekinesis and I should add I refuse to do this with something like a psi-wheel which gives false feedback all the time or an object balanced on a rope. I want to set up an experiment where the only reasonable conclusion is "mind power moved that object" as opposed to heat, wind, etc. Once I succeed in this I will know that mind can influence physical phenomena but I will only know this for myself; because once I demonstrate the phenomena for someone else they will never know if it's faked or not. Only experience and doing your own experiments, not relying on external authority, can I think prove for CERTAIN that something is real. If some group of scientific authorities or even renown skeptics organization comes out and says mind power is real I still won't believe until I do it for myself. Belief does not mean anything anyways; who cares if you believe you can lift 400lbs? Only actually doing it matters. I will not be happy to think merely "telekinesis is real because someone else is doing it" I will only be happy when I can do it myself. When you see some phenomena happen the most important question is "how"? You must have a working theory that you yourself can test out. When someone does something and just asks you to believe instead of explaining how, then you don't actually know how they did it.
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>The Skeptic's Dictionary: A Collection of Strange Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions, and Dangerous Delusions


>Paranoia: The Psychology of Persecutory Delusions


>Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds


>Delusions and Other Irrational Beliefs (International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry)


>Neuroscience, Psychology, and Religion: Illusions, Delusions, and Realities about Human Nature

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Join da warzone
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Step 1. Imagine the subject falling asleep (oneself or another it does not matter). It starts with a drowsiness and a letting go. You let go of all the strong desires animating you and driving you to move and do things. You just let go, you feel warm and cozy, you feel heavy, you …. you. ….

Step 2: You move your hand closer towards their nose and eyes. When you do that they drop like a stone.

You begin by imagining that stuff but then just as you're getting into it you move the hand to them and they drop. Around when you start the "you let go" part that is when you begin moving the hand in.

Step 3: Catch the person because they will drop asleep very fast. It is best to just have someone behind them to begin with to catch them.

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Scientist and Mystic Hiroshi Motoyama with Thomas Brophy

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Shivapuri Baba (Sri Govinananda Bharati) (1826-1963)


Hindu mystic who made a great impression on his biographer J. G. Bennett, who met him in 1961 when the sage was already a reported 135 years old. Bennett stated: "He was a true saint who produced an immediate and uplifting effect on everyone who entered his presence." Shivapuri Baba had a profound influence on many individuals during his long life, including Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, and Christians.

When he was born, Britain was under the reign of George IV, and the future Queen Victoria was only a child of seven. Later in life, Shivapuri Baba visited England and made no fewer than 18 visits to Queen Victoria; he was possibly the first Indian holy man invited to meet the queen.

Shivapuri Baba was born in a Brahmin family in Kerala. His grandfather, a famous astrologer, announced that the boy would become a great sannyasin (renunciate or wandering monk) and became his guru until about 1840.

Shivapuri Baba decided to leave a worldly life in 1844, at age 18. After making a will leaving his rights of succession in his father's property to his sister, he joined his grandfather in the forest of the upper Deccan, near the banks of the river Narbada. The grandfather insisted that after his own death, the boy should meditate until he obtained God-realization, then make a pilgrimage on foot not only through India, but also around the world, and he set aside money for this purpose.

After the death of his grandfather, the young man received initiation as a sannyasin and took the name of Govindananda Bharati. He then retreated to the Narbada forest and spent 25 years in absolute seclusion. During this period he was even completely unaware of the Indian Mutiny of 1856. At the age of 50, he achieved the beatific vision and became aware of the divine as absolute, beyond name and form, which in Hinduism is considered the highest and most difficult stage of Godrealization. He then undertook his great pilgrimages.

He visited all the holy places of India, meeting Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Aurobindo. He went on to travel through Afghanistan and Persia, then made a pilgrimage to Mecca. After this experience of the Moslem shrine, he next traveled to Jerusalem, the holy city of Judaism and Christianity. He went on to Turkey, through the Balkans into Greece and then through Italy to Rome, so that he might better understand the Christian religion. After visiting most European countries, he was invited to England by Queen Victoria's Indian Secretariat and had 18 private visits with the queen.

In 1901, after the death of the queen, Shivapuri visited the United States and met President Theodore Roosevelt. He spent two or three years in America before going to Mexico, where he met Porfirio Diaz before going on through the Andes to Colombia and Peru. After a period in South America, he embarked on a ship for the Pacific Islands, moving through New Zealand and Australia and visiting Japan in 1913. He then followed an ancient pilgrim route into Nepal, then back to India, visiting Benares. He traveled more than 25,000 miles, eighty percent on foot.

He then returned to his own home in Kerala as a wandering sannyasin after 70 years. He found no trace of his sister, who had also become a renunciate. He concluded remaining family affairs, then retired to the forests of Nepal. Although he was known as a holy man, equally at ease with the religions of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam (a task made easier by Hindu ideas about the nature of religion), he insisted on remaining isolated, living in a small wooden hut and seeing only a few genuine seekers. Those who saw him received a sense of inner peace and realization from him, and one visitor suggested that even the wild beasts of the forest were on friendly terms with him.

J. G. Bennett, a disciple of G. I. Gurdjieff who later promoted the mission of Subud, met the Shivapuri Baba in Easter 1961 and found him, at the age of 135 years, alert, quick, and graceful, with a phenomenal memory and an inspiring spiritual presence. One of the most remarkable features of his teaching was his ability to communicate spiritual wisdom in only a few works in the idiom of his questioners. He explained his teaching in three words to S. Radhakrishnan, famous philosopher and former president of India, and afterward Radhakrishnan expounded for 15 minutes on the theme of these three words.

Shivapuri Baba died on January 28, 1963. His final message was: "Live Right Life, Worship God. That is all. Nothing more." He took a drink of water then said "Gaya" (I'm gone), laid down on his right side and passed away. His teaching of right living involved duty, morality, and worship. The sole purpose of human life was to find the Ultimate Truth, or God, and to this end a certain code of life was required—a spiritual, moral, and intellectual order.
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Neville Goddard - Free Or Slave

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0:40 / 19:26 The Bizarre Path Of The Left Hand Of God: Aghori

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The Black Problem

The naggers are conducting a reign of terror by committing massive amounts of violent crime around the globe, and the joos have their back.

We will not live in fear of naggers, nor will we be governed by joos.

The liberal culture we see in the west is a jooish fabrication.


See https://naggers.net for more information.


The joos own the governments and media in the west.

The joos use their power to pass anti-white laws, run anti-white media, censor black crimes and intensely promote miscegenation, LGBT and diversity.

The joos are funding massive illegal migration in USA and Europe.

Joos genocided 60 million people, fabricated the holocaust as a distraction, framed Hitler as the bad guy, and then took over the education system to prevent people from finding out.

The gas chambers of the "holocaust" are akin to the WMDs of Iraq, a farce used to justify military action.

The jooish holy book says that non-joos are the same as animals. How would joos feel if people were instructed to consider -them- as animals?

Should they be setting our laws and choosing our education?

As traditional terrorists call white people "infidels," jooish terrorists call white people "goyim" or “gentiles.”


We are in a situation where we cannot rely on or trust the governments and the elections are not in the hands of the people.

Each nagger costs taxpayers approximately $750k (in welfare alone) over their lifetime.

Naggers say they attack whites because of “slavery” but most slave traders were jooish and the average joo was 40x more likely to be a slave owner than a white person.

Besides being a mostly jooish phenomenon, the number of enslaved naggers in the USA was extremely small and is obfuscated by the joos for rhetorical effect.

We move forward by sharing this information, awareness is essential.
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Simon Duan


Simon Duan - Understanding Psi by a Model that Unites Consciousness, Mind and Matter
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Yo do you know her real name? Want to confirm if she actually did die. She'd be the next known victim after Tzif.
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This combo heals acne and cuts and blemishes super fast

I mixed mineral oil, emu oil, and CBD oil together and put it all over my skin wherever there is acne and woke up the next day having experienced about a week of healing in a single night.
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User: Stoner Creek
Lörs take on Allan Kardec?
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Why It Is So Hard To Make Friends

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Seven Stages of Enlightenment


we LOVe U A RUmba LOVeS um,,,,,,,,,,,,m,,,,,,
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Schizo Workouts

How to work out like a schizophrenic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZpEA2l1hvo
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Sasquatch Encounter, Lake Diablo North Cascades National Park, 5:30PM 8/18/21 - Stabilized + High Ex

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Vedas Library

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Worst Objection to Theism: Who Created God?

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Hermetic Theory of Everything

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Suicide General / Mahasamadhi

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ALIEN-UFO INTELLIGENCE- Heavy National Security.pdf Download

ALIEN-UFO INTELLIGENCE- Heavy National Security.pdf Download

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Religions Critique

If you ever hear any preaching from someone consider the following: Is what is being said fear-mongering?

First of all I insist that men should act indifferent to punishment and reward. One should do what is intrinsically right and not only be conformed to set of rules because they fear the consequences of breaking those rules. If a god wanted anything of you that was immoral it would be your duty to disobey that god and if that god then torments you well so be it, nobility and sacrifice are the highest virtues. A man who obeys is a dog, a man who lives in harmony with law is a master.

Men should also not be so full of hubris as to believe that the absolute is like onto themselves and full of wants and desires and that it will reward certain behaviors and punish others. This is absurdly anthropomorphic and self-obsessed. God has nothing outside of himself to want and no need to do anything. Everything that god does, god does because it's the nature of god, and god is not a person at all; but is rather the law; fixed, unchanging, invariable, etc. nothing like a personality which is only an emanation or likeness or reflection of god.

We should realize that when we smile, the universe smiles. When we suffer, the universe suffers with us. We are not apart from the all, we matter just like every cell in our body matters, in one sense we're as insignificant as any one cell; and yet as long as we are functioning in harmony in a way that benefits the universal body we live in then we love and are loved for the important role we play in the whole.

There is no need for fear, for suffering, for ignorance, for struggle. The ideal life is one in which struggle is replaced by flow and calm observation. We are not our bodies and minds and must only direct these two things to do the work we want them to and then to sit back and watch, beliving in our success, and letting the perfect form be worked out. When at first our movements, thoughts, and actions are like the flailing of a baby it is not surprise but if we let the algorithm run wour mind and body quickly learn and become perfectly coordinated.

Hell has been our own making by our believing in all the things that make life hell. We can have heaven here and now if we but throw off thoughts of fear from ourselves and replace them with thoughts of love.

LisTen @ 1488 gHZ IGoriAn ChANTS,,,,,,,,,m,,,,,,,,,,,
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Leah Rush And Kyle Boyd On Heart Coherence And Manifestation

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"You Will Awake Another Dimension" | Ancient NINJA HAND SPELLS

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My relevant posts from simulation thread

I guess I'm a hacker then in the simulation because I've figured out how to get psychic powers to work.

It's really simple. You realize you're not your body or mind, you realize emotions/desire are what moves everything in the universe (that all is mental), and you just give your body and mind the command to move objects or pick up information or whatever and you wait and observe while it changes the emotions and perceptions and everything else to cause final effect.

I'm literally not the character I'm playing but have become master over the character. I am able to produce any mental state just by an act of will.

This also works for videogames, for any kind of craftsmanship, for any art, for sports and fitness, for everything. You just need to observe your mind and body at work and give the command while not really caring (non-attachment) and the mind and body will like an algorithm work out the problem and as long as you don't get caught up in it and thus create anxiety or doubt or whatever, it will produce for you incredible results. It's a flow-state where you are just doing everything effortlessly. Wu Wei.

So yeah. You should hack the "simulation" with me and make it more fun that way.

I'm awake without the rest of the universe having to awake with me.

I feel the life and mind and will in everything.

I feel the cosmic will back of my own.

I know myself as will and awareness, as spirit. I know that I am.

I subordinate all the lower principles to me. The lower natures are perfected and made into a perfect house for the spirit.

No need for everyone to snap out of the dream, I am able to do it by myself.

Your materialist reductionist position is nonsense.

Go on libgen and download Bernardo Kastrup books to find out why your position is untennable.

Afterwards just read William Walker Atkinson books and pay special attention in The Arcane Formulas to the last chapter and just test out the techniques for yourself while assuming the universe is mental.

Btw, most people are realists, and think there is mind and matter. Most of these realists say matter produces mind, while a few say mind produces matter.

However Idealism is ultimately the only truth. There is only mind. All substance is mental substance. All force is mental force.

Consider that under standard model of physics the sun should have burnt out in 20 million years.

There is a better explanation for how gravity actually works in Dynamic Thought.


Hey there Epicurus.

In our timeline we discovered something called quantum physics and the idea that particles can be reduced to waves in the ether is more in vogue.

The ether theory, which goes back to Aristotle, is wrong btw. See: http://www.yogebooks.com/english/atkinson/1906dynamicthought.pdf

The atomic theory is also obviously wrong (the universe is not the product of indivisible atoms randomly clashing).

Well I can personally recommend that you should swallow an entire bottle of CBD. I don't know what doing the same for a bottle of the other stuff would do but CBD is safe and the result is incredible… you will feel like there is no such thing as soreness, tiredness, pain, or gravity. You will feel like you are floating and you will effortlessly be able to dance, to do feats of strength, etc. It feels like being in the astral body except in this case you're in your physical body but it's just as light-feeling.

Also if you want to die because you feel bad just go through this playlist and at least learn to control by will the emotions you feel. You shouldn't let negative emotions and perceptions by your motivation for dying.

The ideal death is Mahasamadhi.


I have to comment one thing about your post.

Our personalities continue to exist in the akashic records forever.

They can be evoked at any time and interacted with.

But they are not us.

I am a medium. I am able to access other peoples memories, personalities, etc. and run them through me.

I do not believe for even one second that I am this body or this mind.

I have too much experience with other minds and bodies.

Right now you can evoke any personality from history and learn from it. The Chinese psychics do this a lot, at it's ultimately a better way to learn than just by reading books (I love books though and have read thousands of books and enjoy audiobooks).

You can bring to life any ideal teacher you want and learn from them.

It doesn't matter if someone else is evoking the same teacher at the same time because you just get copies of the original anyways. It works in the way of "emanations".

When my current personality is retired, and my body is dissolved into its component substances because of the soul-force being withdrawn causing the cells to undergo decay, I will go on existing as I always have.

I would however like to transfer this current personality I'm using and reforming into another body because I like the idea of continuity and I want to see this personality I am using right now reach a state of perfection over many lives. I don't fancy another unconscious rebirth and the veil of ignorance being pulled over me again as I forget my previous lives.

>What if im a bad person

Become a good person. There is no reason you can't assume a new identity and new behaviours at any time. No reason you can't move away from fear as your basic motivation and instead have love colouring your every thought and desire and motive.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tqsvl7NAj4A [Embed]

All you need to know is you're not your personality but the personality is subject to you.

If you retire your current personality by killing its body you'll never even get to redeem it. It will instead be preserved forever in its unredeemed state. This would be sad.

If you buy that first bottle I mentioned and use it at a more reasonable dose (aka don't swallow it all) you will be able to communicate with your subconscious mind and to feel how much every single part of your body loves you and is working for you every moment to keep you alive. You will also be able to become aware of how your subconscious is willing to do anything to keep you alive, even playing tricks on you, or making you forget things / disassociate.

You have no idea how much they love you.

Also animals, they see us as gods, you can experience this if you take even a small amount of CBC or do psilocybin.

Every man is an incredible power, an authority, a complex of immense energies animating his entire being.

You could from this day henceforth, if you so wish, serve everyone and yourself in love. You can devote the rest of your life to truth, beauty, and love; a great work of it. You can be good company for others, you can offer your time and your ingenuity to others, you can play your role in this world in ways that fulfill others and yourself and get people what they want in a fashion where all are treated with fairness and respect. You can become aware of your feelings, emotions, and thoughts and control them completely making them noble and filling yourself with courage, abolishing fear from your life.

This is a very beautiful suicide of sorts. You will give up your life of misery for a life of love. You will put to death fear, weakness, anger, etc.

Think over these things after/during using that oil. You will see.

Every plane overlaps the others.

There are no "other realms" just different planes of activity.

You are already in hell but you can go to heaven and you can go back to hell.

You can attain total freedom to experience and feel whatever you will.

There is no punishment and no reward. There is only perfect reciprocity. You get back what you put you and you are either a slave of your mind and body or the master of your own mind and body.

You should choose freedom that comes through awareness, awareness of yourself as spirit, spirit-in-spirit in fact.

Then all pride will be gone from you, all identification with the mind and body, and you will be an open channel for whatever you will. No more going in circles (or worse yet the descendant spiral); the circle is transmuted into the ascendant spiral.

These things you can learn in The Arcane Formulas.

You have a funny way of using metaphors to describe the truth.

Most of the entities here weren't banned from the creative mode. That happens once in awhile when someone gets full of pride, starts thinking they are the personality, and that they do things of their own strength. This results in them falling out of the Edenic state where everything is intensely synchronized and responsive and causes them to assume a lower conscious-awareness state. The people who fall like this, well they have this haunting impression somewhere in their subconscious mind of the great heights which they have fallen from, and so the torment they feel in being here is greater. They not satisfied with the things that satisfy the less evolved souls, they strive even harder for the higher understanding, and they typically rebound harder and quicker to return to their state.

There have been some entities who've fallen from tremendously great heights of spirit to their consciousness being on an obscenely low density, but eventually everyone makes the return journey to spirit.

But anyways, my point is, most of the human entities on this planet are just barely evolved so they have a lot of desires that are second density and third density and find their happiness in the satisfaction of these desires.

>I hope i can speak to a diety or something.

You can evoke whatever ideal you want.

>I read ayuasca is good for that too along with peyote

Really bad and stupid way to attempt that. You don't need any drugs at all.

CBD is just to relax you. You can learn to relax every muscle to an extreme degree through meditation but you can also cheat and use CBD to get an idea of what it's like to be extremely relaxed. Make as strong of an impression in your memory as you can of that highly relaxed state and you will be able to use the memory recall function to return to that state again later. When you are relaxed your aura extends out further in every direction and your body heals faster and your energy can be freed up for mental processes more so. When you are tense your aura clings close to your body and you feel cut off from outside influences. The whole point of tensing up in a confrontation with someone is to not be influenced by them. Tension also causes you to hurt on a physiological level, it's bad for your body. You can produce the same effect on your body just by being aware and commanding/willing the body and mind to relax and watching the mind and body relax. You have to simply form the intention and then observe as the algorithm works itself. Don't get caught up in ideas of "I can't relax".

CBG is just to give you energy. It is like stem cells for the nervous system and bones. You can produce the same effect again through simple awareness and also an understanding that energy is ultimately just desire. The Dynamic Thought book is good for this understanding as is the Vril book. Being that this is /pol/ you should be especially interested in the Vril book. CBG will heal your entire nervous system, bones, etc. and make you more intelligent but the energy is so intense and it will have to be expressed through creative thought, through exercise, etc.

CBC produces mental energy specifically and also improves your immune system. It will massively increase power of visualization, it will increase all psychic perception abilities allowing you to see auras and see thoughtforms around you (e.g. orbs are a very common thoughtform), it will make you more intuitive and empathic. You can however produce all of these effects just by being aware and simply willing that more mental energy pours into you.

Delta 7 will allow you to experience an energetic, focused, happiness. It's like ritalin I suppose or any drug that focuses you and also kind of like THC minus the amnesia. It's a cheat for concentration. You can learn to concentrate through meditation, again watching in a state of non-attachment your mind process one thought after another, until the thoughts empty out and only thoughts about the one thing concentrated upon remain.

THC changes your brainwaves and your memory in a way that makes you basically dreaming while awake. If you're a lucid dreamer you will remember everything but have short-term memory issues and maybe a hard time forming words or using the right words. THC honestly is pretty useless chemical except that it can help you to forget the personality, your memories, etc. and experience a mental state where you just perceive things around you as if you were like a newborn. The rebound that will happen later after THC clears out of your system (a process you can accelerate through anything that increases metabolism and sweating, such as saunas, hot bathes, and exercise especially isometric exercise) will cause you to have improved memory afterwards. Also CBD will protect you from the negative influences of THC and if taken in a 1:1 ratio will cause the entourage effect.

CBN has a sedative effect. It helps to stop pain and to promote sleep. CBD changes your relationship to pain so that you feel the problem in the body but it doesn't actually hurt you, you just notice there's tension or warmth in the area effected, whereas with CBN is completely blocks it. CBN is a good aid to reaching a state of emptiness, if you want to experience what years and years of meditation that people do in order to experience their real self without the blemishes of thoughts and perception. Learning to be aware while on CBN will also help you to astral project, the idea being that your body must fall asleep while your mind remains awake. Also the rebound effect after CBN clears out of your body is greater energy, a feeling of restoration, and you will feel less mental blocks. CBG also is the great destroyer of mental blockages and I always like to think of the "G" as standing for Ganesha, the Destroyer of Obstacles, because CBG literally destroys all the mental blockages and allows you to use your mind freely.

Again though, all of this can be accomplished just by awareness and will, aka by the spirit. These endocannibanoids (endogenous means it's what's already in your body) will just hasten your development by giving you glimpses of what is possible in the higher states of consciousness, which having made their impression on your memory, will tend to permanently elevate your whole consciousness and allow for a more easy return to those higher states of consciousness.

Don't mess around with other drugs, they are much more harmful than weed, and are not at all necessary. Not even weed is necessary but it's a potent aid in hastening ones development. If your knowledge is not also increased though alongside your psychic power, you may make many foolish mistakes, so read the writings of William Walker Atkinson, Brown Landone, etc. check out channels like Brian Scott and New Thinking Allowed, etc.

Daily reminder that the Absolute is not anthropomorphic, has nothing outside of itself to desire, does not want, does not "save", but is like a machine and perfectly reciprocal. In fact the absolute is law, the eternal laws of the cosmos and of mind, which ultimately are one and the same. All personalities are but divine emanations, mere reflects of the one that is all.

Your gatekeeper promotes racemixing and also can not heal the sick or do anything that Christ did. He is a waste of time. Look up to the saints, the illumined, the enlightened of all ages. Make them your example. Do not lean on the words of a man who promotes miscegenation.

That's now how reincarnation works.

We reincarnate based on our remaining unfulfilled desires from the past life.

Each life we then struggle to fulfill those desires or we outgrow the old desires as new ones take their place.

At some point there comes a time where one desires only his Self. The Real Self.

When this happens, and the goal is attained, he becomes aware in a way that no more unconscious rebirths happen. This does not mean that they aren't reborn, it just means they begin to actively shape their future life in an intelligent way by the management of the desire-complex, and that they don't have to go through the veil of forgetting brought about by death.

Your picture is absolutely correct in the sense that this creation is perfect and the kingdom of heaven is really within (it's in perception).

You can't say to someone who can't even remember choosing this life that they actually chose it. It's just not so. Choosing your next life is the privilege of the most aware of spirits.

For anyone who wants to master the "simulation" as it's being called in this thread, always take account of the variables in every experience.

The more variables you can identify and be aware of, the more you can understand what influences and shapes your experiences, the more control you can gain over the experience.

Variables can include substances taken into the body, emotions indulged in throughout the day, memories recalled, perceptual filters and the distortions they cause, the rate and manner of breathing.

The Rosicrucians their basic practice was that of introspection. This is explained in this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IM9KcbUUpXs [Embed]

Constant introspection, more awareness, indentifying first principles, identifying the variables, etc. will result in formulas. These formulas can be stated in plain English in ways like The Master Formula of Attainment which is:
1. Definite Ideals.
2. Insistent Desire.
3. Confident Expectation (the true meaning of faith btw)
4. Persistent Determination
5. Balanced Compensation (here it's mostly about sacrificing the lower or irrelevant desires in favor of nurturing only the one desire one wishes to acccomplish/manifest so that all the energies of your being are concentrated upon the one ideal held continually in the mind)

In the past this kind of plain English writings I am giving you would have got me in trouble but now I can just shitpost it openly on anonymous imageboards and it will be ignored by the people who previously hundreds of years ago would have persecuted me. The spirit of persecution has simply been replaced by the spirit of ridicule and the spirit of turning away (wilful ignorance).

One day perhaps, because of too many people becoming too much aware, the spirit of ridicule will and the spirit of ignorance will turn away, and all will come to know the spirit. However there will always be evolution and involution, always entities on every step of the ladder, even if only on other planets.

The previous generation (the boomers) are characterized also by greed. Also the current generation of Chinese are very money-focused. So it depends on region.

Speak to many of these old boomers and ask them what they want out of life and it's usually something like "winning the lottery" or "obtaining more wealth". Not that there is anything wrong with obtaining wealth in this world; but spiritual wealth is far better and more enduring. To have as ones greatest desire the accumulation of things, the possession and acquisition of money, well to me that is a sacrifice they are making for me for the sake of keeping this world interesting. They play their role in keeping the economy going and keeping so many inventions in production and so on and I thank them for it, but if I dwell on their condition for too long I can start to feel sad for them, for they have not seen what beauty is really in store for them when their spiritual condition advances beyond these things.

So if they don't ridicule or ignore and do not necessarily persecute the pneumatics they may still swamp them begging for healing (please restore my body) or begging for worldly power (please teach me so I can fulfill my lower desires) or begging for wealth (please make gold for me!).

This then can lead to the pneumatic (man of spirit) having to play the role of healer, alchemist, or politician far longer than he might otherwise want to which then necessitates disappearing into obscurity in order that one may continue on the path and attain to still greater things.

This is why, among other reasons, pneumatics are so obscure. Why the initiate-adept is usually found in the wilderness or hiding sometimes in plain sight but not showing off any power or attracting any of the wrong attention from the wrong people.

I can write the most profound secrets of reality, of being, of alchemy, etc. on here and just go unnoticed completely so long as I don't post videos and demonstrations in which case I will have a shitstorm to deal with.

Those who have fallen from the higher consciousness, or who have enough intuition and concern for transcendence, and who find not their satisfaction in the carnal things; well they will know on this level the truth of my words… though they may need encouragement.

If you want to see miracles, simply look for them. The looking for them will put into play synchronicity, it will create the state of "confident expectation", and bring you into "chance meeting" with those persons who will work what are called "miracles" by those who do not understand the underlying law/principles by which said miracles are achieved.
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Reincarnation Trap

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Covid vaccines are killing tons of people and making people sick and disabled! The mRNA spike proteins destroy your immune system so the vaccines have effectively given people AIDS. We must stop the vaccines immediately and especially stop injecting them into children and people under 18!!!
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Thought Vibration Foreword (which the narrators on youtube skip)


I am in receipt of a letter from an earnest student of New Thought, who writes me that he is endeavoring to put into practice the teachings for which I stand. That is all right—I think he will get some good out of the practice (I know that I do). But here is where the trouble comes in—he goes on to say that he is “a faithful disciple” of mine, and is content to “sit at the feet of the Teacher.” Now, if you will pardon the slang, I must say that such talk “makes me tired.” I wish no “disciples”—disciples are mere parrots repeating what one says—mere human sheep trotting along after some conceited old bell-wether. I do not wish to pose as a bell-wether, nor do I wish a flock of human sheep trotting after me. I want everyone of my fellow students of Mental Science to be his own bell-wether. I like comradeship and mutual help—the help of interdependence. But I don’t like this talk of master and disciple—of leader and follower—this talk and idea of dependence.

As for sitting at anyone’s feet, the idea arouses all the spirit of independence within me. I don’t want to sit at any one’s feet—and I don’t want any one to sit at mine. I am willing, and often glad, to listen to some teacher and to pick from his teachings such bits of truth as my mind is ready to receive. I am willing to say “I don’t know,” and to accept from others that which appeals to me as truth; not because the other says that it is truth, but because my mind recognizes it as such. I take my own wherever I find it, because I recognize it as mine. I know that all students and teachers get their knowledge from the only source of supply—they can’t get it from anywhere else. And if some other fellow happens to see a particular bit of truth before I do, I gladly accept a portion of it from his hands, be he king or beggar; while if I happen to see the thing first, I will gladly share it with all who are ready for it, and who may want it, without feeling that I am a “leader,” or “teacher,” or that they are “followers” or “disciples.” We are all fellow students—that’s all. I recognize no man as my master—and I spurn the person who would call me “Master,” if there be any so foolish. This feet-sitting talk makes me very, very weary.

I am fully aware that certain teachers convey the idea that they are chosen mouthpieces of the Infinite, and that all true teachings must bear their hall-mark. And I also know the fanatical devotion and bigotry that many of the followers of such teachers manifest. But this is all child’s play. The teachers sooner or later will be brought up against good hard stone walls, and their heads will be bruised until they realize “just where they are at.” And the “disciples” will have some individuality knocked into them later on, and will be made to stand upon their own feet, by reason of the props being knocked from under them. The New Thought aims at making individuals, not at converting people into droves of sheep, following the tinkle of the bell of some conceited old bell-wether, who imagines that he is the Whole Thing.

The growing soul must realize that it has within itself all that it requires. It may gladly accept from others suggestions, advice, bits of knowledge, and the like, as it goes along—the soul itself being the only judge of what it requires at each particular stage. But, in the end, it must do its own work, and must stand on its own feet. All the teachings in the world will not help you, unless you take hold of the matter yourself and work out your own salvation. You cannot get true mental or spiritual teaching by simply paying so much for a course of lessons, and doing nothing yourself. You must bring something to the teacher before you can take anything away. You must work up to an understanding before the teachings of another will do you any good.

The teacher may make a suggestion that will open up a line of thought for you, or he may point out a way that has proved of value to him; and thus save you much time and trouble. But you must do the real work yourself.

A teacher may be so filled with the truth that he will overflow, and you will get some of the overflow. I believe that truth is “catching.” But even so, unless you make that truth your own by living it out, and applying it to your needs, it will do you no good. And so long as you are content to “sit at his feet,” and do the “disciple” act, you will not grow one inch. You will be merely a reflection of the teacher, instead of being an individual.

We need a jogging up on this point every once in a while, “lest we forget.” It is so easy to have your thoughts predigested for you by some teacher or writer—so easy to receive your teaching in capsules. It is so nice to be able to sit down and swallow the tabloid that the teacher or writer kindly has prepared for you, and imagine that you are getting the real thing. But I tell you, friends—it won’t do the work. Imbibe all the teachings you please, but you have got to get down to business yourself. You can’t give some one else a power of attorney to do the work in your place. Life accepts no substitutes—you must step out yourself. It is mighty easy—this idea of paying so much, in time or money, to some teacher or writer, and then sneaking into the Kingdom of Heaven holding on to his skirts—but it won’t work. You’ve got to do some hustling on your own account, and don’t you make any mistake about this fact.

Many of you are running around after teachers, preachers, prophets, seers, “illuminated souls,” and what not, expecting that your little fee for courses of lessons, private teachings, and all the rest, is going to land you right up in the front rank. Don’t you believe a word of it. You’ve got to go through the motions yourself, before you will attain anything. You can’t sneak in that way—it won’t work. I look around me and see many of these poor creatures “sitting at the feet” of some one or other, sinking their individuality in that of the teacher, and not daring to think an original thought—lest it conflict with some notion of their “Master.” These good souls are so full of the teaching they are imbibing, they will repeat it by the yard, phrase after phrase, like a well-trained parrot. But they don’t understand a bit of it. They are like the moon which shines by reason of the reflection of the sun’s rays, and has no light or heat of its own. The talk of these “disciples” and “sitters-at-the-feet” is nothing but moonshine—mere reflected light. Moons are dead, cold things—no light—no heat—no fire—no energy. Dead, dead, dead—cold, barren and “played-out.” Stop this moon business and build yourself up into a Sun. You have it in you—manifest it. Start yourself in motion, and manifest Life. Don’t suppose that you must be able to solve all the Riddles of the Universe before you can do anything. Never mind about those riddles, just you get down to the task that lies ahead of you, and throw into it some of that Great Life Principle that is within you waiting for a chance to manifest itself. Don’t make the mistake of supposing that this or that teacher has solved the Great Riddle. If he says he has, he is only bluffing and whistling to keep up courage. He may have found a good-sized chunk of the truth, and if he is willing to pass you a bit of it, all right, but he hasn’t the Whole Thing, by a mighty sight. The Whole Thing isn’t placing itself in the exclusive control of any little bit of itself. No one has a monopoly of knowing—a corner on the Truth. It is yours as much as anybody’s—but you must dig for it.

Don’t bother about the theories, or the unsolvable riddles—just get down to business and begin to Live. Sometimes I amuse myself by reading some of the theories and “explanations” of those who think that they have hold of the Whole Thing. After I get through with the theories of one “dead-sure” chap, I take up the directly opposite theories of another fellow who considers himself the special mouthpiece of the Absolute. Whew! it’s a great brain-shaker. If you’re not careful you will find yourself being served a nice dish of scrambled brains. When I get sort of “stewed-up” over such things I go out into the sun and fall back on the “Laughing Philosophy,” which soon brings me around all right. Nothing will puncture these bubbles so quickly as a good dose of Laughter. Laughter is the only thing that keeps the race from madness. The sense of humor is God’s best gift to Man. Try it the next time you get “stewed up” with “high statements,” “basic truths,” “axiomatic principles.” Beware of any teachings that will not stand the test of the sunny out-of-doors, and the application of the Laughing Philosophy. Shun the teachings that require a pursed-up mouth, and a strained, preternaturally sober face. Have nothing to do with teachings that require a dim, dark, sunless room to be absorbed in—beware of teachings and doctrines that bear the musty smell of the cell upon them. Carry out into the sun the teachings that are offered you, and see whether or not they fade— apply the chemical of laughter, and ascertain whether the stuff bleaches. Remember this test when you are perplexed or worried over some strange theory or doctrine—no matter from whence it comes. If anyone tells you that which will not bear the test—discard the teaching, for it is spurious in that event. Try this on my writings along with the others.

Stop being moons. Stop living by reflected light. Get into action and convert yourself into a living sun. You can do it. It is within your power. Every human soul contains within it the elements of the Sun—get to work and express yourself. Stiffen up your backbone and hold your head erect. Don’t be afraid to say “I am it.”

This is a straight-from-the-shoulder talk. Don’t tell me that you are “disciples” of mine—I disown you; I refuse to have disciples. Don’t try to “sit at my feet”—if you do, I will use my feet to push you off the platform. I need room to swing my feet about and don’t want people sitting there. But if you wish to call me “Brother,” or “Fellow Student,” or “Schoolmate in the Kindergarten of God,” I will be glad to have you do so. That’s all we are, after all—little babes tugging away at the breast of the Absolute.
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Compassion With Addiction with Carrie Wilkens

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Psychic Development


Starting at psychic education of children there are good ideas on how to develop psychic powers in a systematic way.
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My Three Emails to Hudeyfa He'll Never Read Because A Woman Murdered Him

Email 1:

The term “Motion,” as used in Physics, is defined as: “The act, process or state of changing place or position “movement”— (Webster).
• Motion is the movement of Substance changing place or position
• Force is that which causes, changes or terminates Motion
• Energy is the “capacity” for manifesting Force
• Power the Ability to Act.

Email 2:

This is absolutely fascinating as it's showing transmutation of elements at low energy states (no nuclear explosions required).


Is this the kind of thing you study in biochemistry? I have been reading this all day as part of my continued effort to understand fundamentally what energy, gravitation, magnetism, force, matter, etc. all are and why telekinesis is possible.

Email 3:


^ this guy's channel is so good, also I have been gradually realizing all my problems and all my experiences in life are all linked to my sense of identity and my perception.

I you can show that one Hindu dude from Hickory street this btw I would appreciate it.
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>people can see your city
Okay I'm out. This is like mandatory tripfagging. Not interested.
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Question Thread #1

This thread is for all of your questions about any /fringe/ topic.
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The Universe IS Alive and Talking To Me

>when reality is talking to you all day long and it even goes out of its way to say explicitly that reality is talking to you

For me, not a revelation at all, but for you? Who knows. The intensity of reality talking to me however right now is INTENSE that is why I am talking about this.
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The truth about freemasonry is that it is boring and mundane.


You are a homosexual fucking deviant who "had a thing" with a 15 year old and your cock goes limp when you see women of your own age but your cock goes hard as the brick that is going to crush your skull when you walk past a kindergarten.
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God's Messengers Are Telling Me To Have Fun :(


I do crazy stuff like self-dating and self-coaching.

So the other day I gave myself a self-coaching session.

You know that feeling when everything seems to be okay on the surface, but if you dig deeper you're stuck and frustrated?

Before the session, I was exactly in that position.

After coaching myself, I identified the four self-limiting behaviors that were coming in my way of evolution. These were:

Mind (Doubt)
Perfection stops me from taking good enough action. I take myself too seriously and beat myself up for making mistakes. I expect life, others, and myself to be without imperfections.

Judgment stops me from being empathetic towards myself and others. I find faults more than I find virtues. I make poor judgments because of my biases which stop me from learning and growing.

Fear stops me from playing and having fun. I operate out of fear and scarcity instead of operating out of love and abundance. I stay in my comfort zone to protect myself from getting hurt.

The mind stops me from trusting myself and the world. I stop listening to my heart and the doubt takes over. I overanalyze and overthink instead of surrendering and letting go.

So we (me + my coach self) came up with four traits to overcome these obstacles.

Action (good enough)
I'm taking good-enough action in the face of perfection.

I'm understanding instead of judging.

I'm loving more than I'm fearing.

I'm trusting fully, leaving zero doubts.

High-five, my coach-self, thank you!

The next day, I went on a self-date on my way towards self-mastery!

Until next time…

Remember that self-mastery is the way to anything you want,

- Prakhar (DesignEpicLife.com | Instagram | Twitter | Actualize Yourself - Telegram Channel | Soul Scribbles Book | Donate)

PS: Are you sick of your self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors? Therapy is temporary. Psychoanalysis is a waste. Coaching lasts for a lifetime. Stop consuming information and start transforming. Click here to learn more about my coaching.

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My gift to the world

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Youtube Channels



A lot of information on Schopenhauer, Hegel, Nietzsche, etc. really helps to refine ones understanding of theology and philosophy.


Endless audiobooks including William Walker Atkinson, Swami Vivekananda, Brown Landone (all of which you should listen to every book written by these authors). I'm currently listening through all of the Brown Landone books and finding them to actually work for healing purposes and psychic development. Brown Landone really brings together a holistic worldview where spirit and the health of the body and mind are all intertwined. There are a ton of really pointless "Yeshua channeling" type videos on here that the guy somehow produces copious amounts of narrations for but if you get past all that garbage the channel has tons of good content.


My own youtube channel. Some of the things I upload is just stupid but I have also many good audiobooks and a few lectures and things. I will continue to upload more audiobooks and perhaps do lectures on topics of interest if someone actually cares.


Reality Hackerz channel. Mostly deals with Project Gateway and Monroe Institute stuff. Great way to get into scientific remote viewing.


Altrusian Grace Media is one of my absolute favorite channels. Many high quality narrations of The Kybalion and other important Hermetic, Rosicrucian, etc. books.


A channel of a Shaolin monk who speaks English well and presents the teachings of Shaolin in a really articulate way. The techniques for physical cultivation these monks use work incredibly well compared to most of the nonsense that gets uploaded all the time. You will get extremely flexible and strong just copying or taking inspiration from Shaolin workout routines. Isometrics especially will develop strength very efficiently.


One of the channels I actually listen to the most besides New Thinking Allowed. Quo channelings on here are actually interesting and informative and then there are audiobooks and interviews of great value all over the channel. It's basically a parapsychology channel.


Like the Brian Scott channel. Focused on parapsychology. A little more serious and academic compared to Brian Scott. I have listened to so much interviews on this channel.


Hermetic and Neville Goddard and reality manifestation focused channel. Good useful information for those wanting to up their synchronicity game.


High quality audiobooks of William Walker Atkinson and Anthony Marvel and similar authors all over this channel. There isn't any garbage on this channel really, it's all books you should listen to.


Masonic and esoteric books. I think the guy died. He hasn't uploaded anything new or had any activity in many years now. Everything on both of these channels I have listened to, some of it multiple times over.


Franz Bardon books channel.

Telekinesis practitioner channels:

All of them are not pretty bad quality channels.

Fitness channels:
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What are the creepiest instances of mass disappearance in history?

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Which mythical creatures have the highest chances of being real?
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What is this board about?

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Is there any explanation for the mysterious creature that the HMS Daedalus encountered on 6 August 1848?
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movement magik
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Being a schizo is incredibly taxing
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This is my board
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You can't contain it