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Everything is a grind on this server and extremely unbalanced and it's very pay-to-win. I've been playing for a few weeks now and just giving it 5 star reviews before but I want to write an actual review now. First of all, it's a huge grind just to get netherite gear, and get good enchants for it… then it's taken from you in seconds in a battle. Then they have made it so you can't really farm animals and no entities just spawn in and redstone doesn't work, instead you have to buy these mob grinders the you can stack up to 50 times, and which cost way too much… but you can only buy from the tier you're in. So first tier is chickens and endermite, and it took me weeks to buy 50 chicken mob spawners, and three times they were stolen before I could kill the 10 thousand chickens needed to get to the next tier. The next tier is even worse, each mob spawner costs double what they did, and you have to kill 20 thousand cows or pigs. This then repeats again and again but worse each with mob tier. This is not fun at all just sitting there all day long killing the same mob, having to repair you netherite sword with unbreaking and flame and all multiple times because it's so many mobs you have to kill, this is completely mindless. Now on top of all this they have these things called runes. Runes are incredibly hard to get if you don't pay real money for them; you have to either fish for them, or by a rune off of the auction where they will cost at least 100k because players sell them expensive, and then most of the time these insanely expensive runes do not apply to your tool and there's even a chance that trying to apply the rune will cause your tool to disappear. I've tried getting greedy greens rune, an essential rune to make money, like three times and have it fail all three times. I had it apply once but someone came out of nowhere and killed me before I could put my greedy greens hoe into my enderchest so I lost all of that and now I struggle to make money from my crops in my sugarcane skyscraper. I tried to build an automated pumpkin farm once just to find pistons can't break blocks and it was the smallest possible size farm too but cost me like 20k or more to make, buying the redstone stuff costs a ton even if you save yourself money by buying the components and then making it, and it doesn't even work. The server is laggy all the time and it's dominated by a single faction that has completely overpowered gear and more members, and all the lesser factions have no hope of catching up. I used to play factions years ago when there was no netherite, no enchants (eventually enchants were added but you didn't have to worry about multiple levels of enchants), and none of this other stuff you have to no-life grind for all day… and it was fun. It didn't take all that much time to get diamond tools, armor, and weapons and just PVP. Now with the way Minecraft has changed, and the way this server is set up to make it all even worse, everything is an endless grind and player skill matters not at all. Aside from all this there's a ton of stupid stuff on this server like chunk busters (I've used them to clear out entire chunks many times now), fly time (I've got like 4 hours of fly time right now), roaming (it's actually really cool but it costs you nothing to use and it basically lets you astral project from your character and see through everything like a built-in x-raying they added to the server), modified creepers you can buy from the shop to break open peoples chests, etc. If you're going to play this server I suggest you use votelinks and dailies to get free experience and money, then you build a cactus farm not a sugarcane farm like me even though sugarcane farm makes you more money if you have greedy grunes the cactus farm can be automated by using fences and water (no redstone contraptions) and you can use a hopper and chest and just sit there fishing all day for runes while the cactus come to you automatically… that is best way to make money… also people get banned on this server for saying mere words which is retarded, even people who've paid real money in order to get ahead I've seen them get banned, it's not fair to their freedom of speech that they can be banned for saying any word. I feel like I'm in the "sunken cost fallacy" stage of playing on this server where I've spent so much time that I don't want to just quit now but really I'm not having fun, the whole way this server is set up is really bad because the add-ons should decrease grind not make it more extensive, and you won't get to have any fun pvping because the battles aren't decided by skill they're decided by who has the better gear. If the people who run this server are reading I suggest you actively take steps to decrease the grind and decrease the imbalance between top-gear players and lowest-gear players. This server advertises itself as zero lag but that's a huge lie. Factions also is not up to date with 1.19. Only reason I give this server 2 stars instead of 1 is at least they are so incompetent that most of the time players can say whatever they want because the jannies are sleeping / not online so that's pretty good, at least I get a laugh out of seeing kids saying power words in the chat lol.

A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you
will look forward to the trip.
― Caskie Stinnett

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