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"Earth is a retard containment zone for the psychically impaired"
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hey schizos feel free to post esoteric shid on boatchan


@lorekeeper I literally do not give a shit enough about this topic to do research for you and give something beyond anecdotal evidence, I'd rather spend my time debating the paranormal with metaphysical materialists, then worrying about someone who think there couldn't be some rare possibilities where a seatbelt gets you killed instead of saving your life. I wear a seatbelt btw but I still think there shouldn't be laws against it as I'm inspired by the philosophy of Herbert Spencer, that is, I am a Social Darwinist and the more idiots that get themselves culled the better.


@lorekeeper If you don't understand Metaphysical Idealism go onto Libgen and search up the author "Bernardo Kastrup" and then start reading whichever of his books catches your interest but I'd especially recommend Science Ideated and The Idea of the World and just go through his arguments in which he systematically cites peer-reviewed publications and uses logic to debunk the metaphysical materialist worldview. That will be a good start. Then go to a site called montalk and start researching there. Then read the writings of an author named William Walker Atkinson and actually put it into practice. Then look at my youtube channel and what I am subscribed to and what videos I have up. Also for all I know you're someone that I shouldn't even teach these things to because you probably don't align with my ideology which is National Socialism / Fascism, I probably shouldn't even be helping you to know and understand reality and how it actually works, and what is possible. You're just some random stranger on youtube that means nothing to me. You're free to dismiss what I have simply asserted without evidence or to look into it but I'm not here to spoon feed you.

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